Who's watching the Olympics opening ceremony?

Just got in a little bit ago, and then I had to return a phone call; so I’ve missed two hours of it.

Right now there’s a guy wire-flying over projections of wheat fields to a very sedate rendition of Both Sides Now.


That’s it. Beatnik Guy has me convinced. Gotta move to Canada.

Nice maple leaf at the end of his poem.

I’m watching! Great effects and beatnik dude convinced me too. Of course, I’m already in Maine so it’s just a short jaunt…

I’ve been listening more than watching. I’m sad that Oh Canada! was sung all MariahCareylike instead of like the lovely and dignified song that it is.

Heh. Just about four miles for me. :smiley:

And it’s also convinced me to take up tap dancing. Right after I learn to play the fiddle.

I agree, I am half-Canadian and I was disappointed with the Oh Canada rendition. I was hoping for a Roger Doucet (RIP) like version.

Dang. k.d. lang is looking like Wayne Newton.

I’m more disturbed by the choice of song. Cohen’s “Hallelujah” is not a happy tune.

It’s not. She still has a great voice though.

k.d. lang is looking like SNL Pat.

Oh, definitely.

Fuck you. Beat me to it.

Since I’m watching the west coast version, I know I’m behind. Every one is lip synching, right? The musicians are also playing ‘air’ versions of their piece.

Not mindlessly happy, but heartening.

Glad to have K.D. and Cohen featured prominently - they could easily have gone with Ann Murray.

Yikes! What’s up with the opera singer’s hair??

More to the point, what’s up with the opera singer’s diction? She’s singing in English, but I have no idea what she’s saying.

And this from somebody who sings opera.

Apparently she went to Don King hairstylist.

Heartening? If you say so; I’ve never found it to be. Almost every verse ends in pain.

Minute of silence for Nodar Kumaritashvili. :frowning: