In Which I Pit the Reporter Who Godwinizes the Vancouver Olympics

Dear Canada,

I apologize on behalf of right-minded Americans everwhere for the Jackhole, Gell LeBreton of the Fort-Worth Telegram who wrote this gem:

yes, that’s right, this imbecile is comparing the Canadian pride shown during the Olympics to the Nazi sympolism o f the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Ohh he is might annoyed with the Cnadians for rooting for and cheering on Canadians.

Yes, here in America we are equally concentrated on every athlete in every sport from every corner of the world.

Umm, there are about four times as many Summer Olympic events…and they take place predominently in stadiums, not on thesides of mountains.

Ugh, this guy makes me sick to my stomach.

The comedic value of an American journalist complaining about somebody else’s jingoism is… well, pretty fucking immense.

Still, I don’t remember them apologizing for Ben Johnson. Damn Canucks.

Comparing people to Hitler is passe. Have the balls to come out and say the Canadians were worse than Hitler and you’ll at least have my respect. For example, the 1936 Berlin Olympics did not interrupt my TV viewing plans with curling displays. Therefore last month’s games were worse.

I am upset that Stephen Harper didn’t shake hands with Jesse Owens, though.

At least I’m left thinking that perhaps the over-the-top Canadiana of the closing ceremonies was done with a wink, unlike the chrome pickup trucks with spotlights in the beds during the opening ceremonies when the Olympics were in Atlanta. :smack:

Hey, unneccessary apologizing is so Canadian.

Forget it.

The reporter has a point, that frankly I, a Canadian had considered as well when I spent a couple of days in Vancouver during the party.

Comparing the profusion of maple leafs (maple leaves) with swastikas appears valid but misses a very significant point. The erruption of Canada’s emblem was citizenry inspired while the Nazi emblem was provided for by the state.

Our emblem represents altruistic principles.

And I’m not going to apologize for our nationalistic fervour. It was not at anyone elses expense. In fact I’m sure our foreign visitors were uplifted to see our exhuberence, and shared in the joy of the event.

I remember some people (including at least one Canadian of my acquaintance) saying something similar after the 2002 Salt Lake City games. There was particular ire about that one policeman who sang God Bless America. It was stupid then and it’s stupid now.

It really can’t be put any better than this.

Huh, all this time I thought it was a leaf, and only now do I learn it’s some abstract representation of principles. Strange coincidence.

This line has been removed from the editorial:

“I didn’t attend the '36 Olympics, but I’ve seen the pictures. Swastikas everywhere.”

Check out his last name. Could he possibly be Quebecois in origin?

Still there as far as I can tell. Near the end of page 2.

ETA: Dunno where he’s from but he’s one slovenly looking son of a bitch.

Didn’t see second page. Nevermind.

This is what we’ll cop to -

I for one have zero shame about being patriotic and proud of Canada putting on a most excellent World Party. About all I have to say about the author of the linked piece in the OP is, slow news day?

During my upbringing in the heart of UEL territory, along the Niagara River, I was taught that the maple leaf was pinned on the Canadian militia to distinguish themselves ( in a subtle way) from Americans during the war of 1812.

I’ve never been able to verify that story, but in some ways, I believe the maple leaf represents our distinction from Americans to this day.

If it helps, he did apologize.

Not much of one, IMO.

From your link

I am truly ashamed, and this will be a blemish on my memory of these games.

Eh, people do that. I don’t know how many hockey or lacrosse games I’ve been to where people started filing out during the last five minutes of the game. I wish they wouldn’t, but I don’t think I’d take it as an international slight.

Sorry, cannot resist;