Jesus Christ Sean Hannity.........

I know neither side is perfect. Celebrities standing up and applauding Roman Polanski. The pedophilia and sex crimes that are rampant in hollywood that everyone knows are happening and nobody does anything to protect the victims, Anthony Weiner, etc. These things need to be rooted out independent of ideology or politics.

But jesus, claiming a 14 year old can consent to sex with a 32 year old district attorney? It is bad enough the guy was 32, but he was in a position of respect, power and trust as a district attorney. To me, the fact that he worked as a DA is as bad as the age discrepancy. Roy Moore wasn’t a garbage man, Roy Moore was someone society trusted to keep people safe from people like Roy Moore.

Even setting aside that the kid was 14 at the time, suppose we accept that a 14-year-old could consent. Even so …

By my reading of some article that I read, this was [del]30-some[/del] 38 years ago. How does Hannity, or Hannity’s co-host, have any fucking idea if was consensual or not?

Simple. ICIARDI.

Hannity used to work in Alabama, I’m sure he can attest to Roy Moore being a good person.

I’d wager he’s one of those Very Fine People Trump mentioned a couple months back.

He can’t. Hannity has one purpose, and that’s to elevate the GOP and attack its enemies. Truth or morality have literally no bearing on it.

His real crime is being stupid. The Hannitys of the world don’t make a difference. A million attacks from a known partisan hack aren’t worth one good attack from someone regarded as fair, such as Chris Cillizza. His defenses aren’t worth anything either.

It’s gross, and I feel for the victim who has to listen to this blowhard tell her that her rape was consensual, but it’s also like… I just expect nothing less at this point. You would think all of this sexual misconduct stuff being in the media would make me feel better, but it doesn’t, I see no real evidence we’re learning anything from it. People like you and me and those in this thread already know this shit is fucked up, and we’re not the people who need the education.

The Hannitys of the world are why we have Trump and why half the US doesn’t believe in objective reality.

Alabama’s state auditor, obviously a tar-blooded Republican, defends Roy Moore’s finger-bangin’ of a 14-year-old girl by pointing out that Mary the mother of Jesus was just a teenager when she married an adult man.

The jackhole (Tar-blooded Republican Alabama state auditor Jim Ziegler)'s actual quote: " ‘Zachariah and Elizabeth for instance. Zachariah was extremely old to marry Elizabeth and they became the parents of John the Baptist,’ Ziegler said. ‘Also take Joseph and Mary. Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus.’ "

So, hey, according to this guy, Roy Moore (Republican) is practically a saint!
(And for anyone keeping score with their Bibles at home, Zachariah was *indeed *an old man, but he was married to an old woman, not a teenage girl. So this Bible Belt Shit Bird’s actual knowledge of the Bible seems to be about as shallow as his morals.)

Okay, if both Hannity and that asswipe get canned, I’ll start feeling optimistic.

I guess child marriage is one of those “traditional family values” Republicans talk about so much.

I expect nothing more from Republicans than complete and utter moral corruption, and they seldom fail to live down to my expectations. So it’s not surprising at all; depressing but not surprising.

“Regarded as fair”.

You know what? Let’s grant for the moment that anyone sees Chris Cillizza as a fair, balanced, reasonable source. Okay, fine. Meanwhile, here’s what Red Tribe sees: “CNN (known liberal shills) pushes bogus rape allegations against republican candidate!” Wanna take bets on whether or not this takes down Moore? “The Hannitys of the world don’t make a difference”? How fucking stupid are you?

It’s shameful and disgusting that a man like Roy Moore is even in the running. This would be true regardless of the accuracy of these rape accusations.

Well, even the “adult carpenter” thing seems to be just a bit of fundamentalist folklore rather than a known fact. Apparently some Christians do argue that Joseph must have been much older than Mary because he was presumably dead when Jesus was a young adult. On the other hand, boys of that period would likely have married around 16 or 17, and there are lots of reasons that even a young father in ancient times might be dead by the time his son was grown.

The most peculiar aspect of this IMHO is that these are the same people who tend to spit tacks about “Muhammad the PEDOPHILE!!!1!!” :eek: :rolleyes: about the Prophet Muhammad as a widower in early medieval times being betrothed to a child in his friend’s family (with no indication anywhere in the historical record that any consummation took place before the child-bride reached puberty and hence marrigeability).

But hey, they have no problem at all with adult men getting with 14-year-old girls as long as they’re not Muslims? Good to know.

Not very surprising set of events, frankly.

Hannity did a show about how Hollywood covered up for Weinstein and suggested over and over that “the left” turns a blind eye to abuse. He said that with a straight face on a channel where they paid tens of millions to silence women about the ongoing abuse by Ailes and O’Reilly.

And then not long after that, and I think after it emerged that O’Reilly paid off his last target to the tune of $32 million, Hannity interviewed him. How many questions were asked about BOR’s sexual abuse? Take a guess.

I think Hannity must be some kind of Propaganda Bot; no human could engage in this level of hypocrisy without having a seizure.

It’s been a while since Sunday school, so forgive me if I get some of the details wrong— but it went something like: the Angel of the Lord appeared to Mary and said “your new husband Joseph is going to take you to a secluded spot, feel you up and put your hand on his junk, and yadda yadda yadda, you’re giving birth to the Savior”?

I mean, is it really that surprising? The warning signs were there last year when this nation elected a serial sexual assaulter as president. The family values people were making all sorts of contorted defenses of Trump, just like they’re going to do for Moore. It really doesn’t matter to the bedrock base of the GOP whether someone actually has values and decency; they just have to vote for their arbitrary values espoused by televangelists.

Yeah, it’s sad.

You know this is why I am so skeptical of religion. Don’t get me wrong - I’ve met some genuinely decent people who are religious and whose religion is a guide in their life that reinforces good, ethical behavior. I don’t blindly hate religious people. But those folk, just like the agnostics and atheists I’ve met, are people who don’t talk about their morality all that much; they just go out and do good things.

Generally, the louder and more frequently that people talk about their religious virtue and patriotism, the more skeptical of them I become. They’re probably not people I’d want to spend quality time with. People should just shut up and live their lives.

Don’t anybody tell Hannity about this thread. He’ll want top billing.