Jet - they rock, but do they rock an entire CD?

I’m so into that Jet song on the iPod iTunes commercial -Are you gonna be my girl?

So do I shill out $18.99 at Borders to get the whole CD? Unless they have it at Target or Wal-Mart, Borders is the only store in my area that would have it. And their prices are always inflated.

Hmmmmm, maybe I’ll check out Amazon…

Anyone heard the rest of the CD???

I haven’t heard the CD, so I can’t help you.

But ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl?’ is a complete rip off of Iggy Pop’s ‘Lust For Life.’

If you must have it, don’t blow $19 on one CD. Check at Target (where I bought it) and Wal-Mart, they’d probably have a lower price.

I typically support Australian music, but Jet is just… blah.

In eight words: catchy, infectious, popular, shallow, derivative, facile, glib, forgettable.

I hate to tell you this, beckwall, but it’s 9.99 at Best Buy. And Borders, I think. Who will generally charge you your white hot flesh for a CD.

They’re a great band. Album runs about half good rockers and half Sticky Fingers-era Stones ballads. I’ll take them over the overhyped Strokes/Vines/Hives any day.

BTW, they got my money for their CD by sheer virtue of the fabulous cover; hadn’t heard a note by 'em at the time. How shallow am I!

Sorry, read too quickly again. :smack: You didn’t buy it yet, beckwall, dot’s good. Get thee to a Best Buy.

I haven’t heard the whole thing, but from what I have heard, it’s shit. Their giving our music scene a bad name worldwide. And I can’t believe that they had the turmerity to not only steal from Iggy Pop, but then to accuse DJs of ‘playing other people’s songs all night’ in Rollover DJ (my own thoughts, entirely coincidental that various reviewers have mentioned the same things).

But then again, if you like Are You Gonna Be My Girl, you’ll probably like the rest of it. But I’d recommend finding some You Am I or Rocket Science for ballsy Australian rock.