Jet's Pizza--Good? Bad?

Is Jets Pizza a good garbage pie, or a bad one?

I’ve never heard of Jet’s pizza, but the name “garbage pie” reminds me of garbage plates, which are awesome.

Jet’s is reasonable, so I voted good. Every once in awhile I get a hankering for a Detroit-style pan pizza (after I was introduced to Buddy’s in Detroit), and they’re the only option around here, as far as I know (although not as good as Buddy’s.)

ETA: Oh, although I think Little Caesar’s has something on the menu now that is supposed to be a Detroit-style pan pizza, as well. I haven’t tried it, although I’ve been meaning to.

Jets is what we get when we want a decent Detroit style pie, but don’t want to spend Buddy’s level cash.

Voted other because I’ve never heard of, or tried it. Tho I’m still curious what others aare saying about them.

Jet’s is the best chain pizza around here by a very far margin, but there are better local places. There’s one near us that has a full bar, which I’ve never seen before.
I consider Jet’s to be Michigan’s apology for inflicting Domino’s and Little Caesars on the world.

Tried them. Didn’t care for them. Just too similar to the Domino’s/PizzaHut/PapaJohns corporate stuff.
It’ll work in a pinch but there are just way too many good local joints around me.

It’s ok, a step above the Papa John’s of the world. There are so many niche pizza places in Chicago that I hardly ever remember them when it’s time to order.

The one time I ordered it (since one opened near me), it was pretty dire. I don’t remember it well enough for details but I remember wishing I had ordered from Dominos or some other cheap chain instead.

I live in the Chicago burbs and enjoy a good pizza as much as anyone but I’m perfectly willing to adjust my standards for someone selling me a pizza for $7 versus $20. But, even in the arena of cheap corporate pizza, Jet’s was outclassed by the other options.

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I rate it squarely in the middle between good and bad.

If all pizza were free and instantaneous, I would never eat Jet’s. There are too many better ones around. But sometimes, fast and cheap is important. That’s when Jet’s comes to mind.

Jets is definitely garbage pie.

Could we get clarification on the region this is talking about? There’s a Jets pizza around the Seattle area, but it’s not Detroit or pan style.

I like it because it’s the only place that I can get a decent Sicilian-style pie like I grew up with in New Jersey/Connecticut. But I’m in Indiana, where our choices are either generic chain (Donatos, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, etc.), local hipster pizza (which is pretty good), or the one or two places that do a real NY style where you can fold the slice. Mmmmm, pizza.

Here you go. They have locations in Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

I like Jets fine. I grew up around Chicago and have pretty high pizza standards, but I think Jets is about as good as it gets for “fast food” pizza. It’s probably closest to Pizza Hut in terms of “quality,” but it suits my tastes a little better. Their eight-corner pizza is trashy heaven if you like burnt cheese edges.

Doesn’t hold a candle to most “real” neighborhood places, though.

Yeah, those burnt/caramelized cheese edges are part of what makes me love Detroit style so much (along with the crispy, almost fried bottom of the crust), even though I am generally not a big fan of thick pizzas. Pretty much the only Chicago-area deep dish/pan pizza I get these days is Burt’s or Pequod’s, which also have that caramelized cheese crust on the edges. (Well, I guess not “these days” anymore for Burt’s, as he’s closed shop fairly recently.)

Jet’s is the only chain that I will eat a pizza with pepperoni on it (they chop it up and render some of the grease out of it before putting it on the pie). Your local Jet’s is a much better pizza than the other chains.

I’ve only had Jet’s once, and it was pretty good.

The only pizza I would ever rate as bad, bad pizza is Cici’s $5 buffet pizza. That stuff is awful. Otherwise, I’d say there’s no such thing as truly bad pizza.