Jewish Cuisine: What foods come to mind?

From the obvious to the obscure, I’m just looking for a comprehensive list of the dishes that you think of when I say “Jewish food” (no, Chinese takeout doesn’t count!).

What do I think about when you say “Jewish Food?”
You’re expecting gefilte fish and chopped liver, right?
The first thing that hits me is…hard boiled eggs.
Somewhere there’s gonna be a hard boiled egg.
And things that begat hard boiled eggs, like chicken.

Crusty bagels with cream cheese and lox with a little chopped dill?

Warm challa with butter and jam fresh from the oven?

Garlicky hummus with warm pita bread?

Tabouleh spiked with lemon juice?

Kibbeh with a fresh egg yolk in the center?
You haven’t lived yet!

Chicken soup and matzah balls

Beef Pastrami on a crusty French roll, with a big old kosher dill pickle on the side
Borscht with a big dollop of sour cream
Rye bread

The ever yummy blintze er blintz…depends on where you come from…I have always thought of blintze to be correct.

Manischewitz kosher white wine.

So I’m a drunk. Sue me!

Kasha and shells - YUM!

I don’t really care for kreplach or kishke, but add them to the list, too.

Jeg elsker dig, Thomas

knishes (potato, kasha, mushroom…)
tsimmes (baked/stewed carrots and… well, depends on who you ask. My mom makes it with sweet potatoes.)
Kugel (Matzoh Kugel during Passover mmmm)
Pot roast of any stripe/variety
Corned beef
Smoked whitefish or chubs
smoked sable
Rye bread

now I’m hungry, dammit.

Latkes. Luscious greasy latkes.

See Joan Nathan’s JEWISH COOKING IN AMERICA; Knopf, 1994. Also Mimi Sheraton’s FROM MY MOTHER’S KITCHEN, revised edition, HarperCollins, 1991. Wonderful books!

Now, who’s up for a nice vegetable sandwich on sour Pumpernickel? Cream cheese and chopped cucumber, radish, green onion…

Don’t forget a nice, steaming bowl of CHOLENT!

Potato kugel (my wife’s, yum)

Kedem grape juice (leaves Welch’s in the dust)

matzah and cream cheese (so I’m stuck on Pesach, sue me)

mondel bread

seeded rye

challah fresh from the oven

What Jewish foods come to my mind? In my opinion, that’d be a nice kosher IMHO sandwich.

Chopped liver with onions and hard boiled egg on Melba Toast. Standard in the house of my youth at Cocktail Hour.

The breakfast I had last Friday: corned beef and eggs, latkes (with sour cream and apple sauce) and rye toast.

Folded grape leaves


Hey man, I love pickles.

Now we’re talking, there is so much good Jewish food.

Thin cut pastrami on warm dark rye bread with horseradish, onions, dill pickles and strong mustard. A bit of mayo on the side to dip it in. Paradise on a plate.

First thing to pop into my mind? The cream cheese hamantaschen from Ingrid’s Deli. Wish I had one to pop into my mouth about now…

Thanks. You made me go and get chicken livers for dinner (on toast with eggs, mustard and paprika). mmm.

My favorite is what my local Jewish cake shop calls an Israeli Muffin. Behind its ordinary looks is a fabulous pastry/ buttery/ chocolately delight which breaks into triangular pieces. I want a recipe (I’m always more impressed when I’ve tried to make it myself) but I’m not sure whether this is the item’s common name. Any suggestions?