Jewish pickup truck owners

Yup, it had to be a Friday afternoon when I thought about posting this. The Straight Dope’s 614th Mitzvot, I guess; ask questions about Judaism close to or during Shabbat.

Anyhow, leaving the Yom Kippur closing service yesterday night, I noticed that among the hundreds and hundreds of cars in the synagogue parking lot, only two were pickups. Yes, I thought to myself “let’s count pickups!”, because their rarity struck me as odd; especially after spending the previous week down in Texas.

One might say “Well, not too many Jews work in the trades, so they don’t need pickup trucks”, but many pickup truck owners don’t use them as work vehicles; they’re just regular daily drivers.

So, why don’t you see Jews in pickup trucks? Thinking about it, I’ve never seen an Asian or Asian Indian behind the wheel of a pickup, either. (Then again, in Doperland, there’s probably plenty of Jews that will drive pickups, synagogue parking lots resemble GMC dealerships, and it’s Texans that are the ones driving mostly BMW, Acura and Buick sedans.)

You’re limiting your observations of Jews to observant Jews that drive pickup trucks to services. They may have a second car that’s more comfortable for driving while dressed up for temple. Or they take several people to temple and it’s harder to fit them in a pickup. Or the Jews who drive pickups are less observant. You probably pass lots of Jews in pickups each day without knowing it; how would you tell?

I know several Jews (and Asians) who drive pickups. But the majority of people I know don’t drive pickups so it’s hard to get any feeling for the ratios.

Maybe I can remember to bump this thread on Saturday evening.

I would chalk up your observation to the lamentable dressing up for services. Everybody wears their finest for High Holy Day services. It follows that they drive the nicest, ‘classiest’ car they can. So even Jews with a pickup truck take another vehicle if they have one.

The whole snobbery and classism and shameless show of wealth get to me. G-d spoke to Moses when he was wearing his everyday robe and sandals. Show me where it says ‘when thou goest to the Temple, thou shalt wear fancy clothes to impress other people’!

Huh. When I was going to temple I always though we dressed up for the same reasons we dress up when going to

-business meetings
-job interviews
Because it’s culturally considered respectful to treat the above situations as formal.

I agree though, that the lack of trucks had more to do with being dressed up, as well as carpooling or transporting a gaggle of kids, than it had to do with jews not driving trucks.

I’m a Jew and my previous two vehicles were pickups.

And you are making sparks on Shabbes.

Rats. So am I.

shh, nobody tell G-d.

I have three friends, well actually more than three, but I happen to know that these three are Jewish, and two of them drive pickups. So I’d say that 66.6% of Jews drive pickups. :smiley:

So, this fruit looks really nice…

I’ve never seen a pickup at the Reform Temple here, and if any Jews would drive pickups they would be Reform. I conclude that no Jews drive pickups.

I’m not the kind of Jew who worries about that.

But I am that kind of Jew.

I converted in a mutual effort with a Conservative Rabbi in New Hampshire and a Reform Rabbi here in Arkansas. While eating the last trief meal of my life, the Reform Rabbi came into the Minute Man restaurant and caught me eating a cheeseburger.

I saw a pickup truck with Vermont plates 2 years ago in Lebanon, NH, with the license plate “SCHLEP”.

I’m a Jew. I drove a pick-up for years.

I have a very Asian coworker that drives a beat up Toyota Tacomo. I have never seen an actual Indian drive one however.

I’ve lived in the South my whole life. We’ve got plenty of pickup drivers here (like me!), but no Jewish folks. Therefore I conclude that Jews don’t drive pickups, because they don’t really exist!


Okay, to be fair, I did meet one Jewish girl here once. But seriously, it’s a sea of truck-drivin’ Protestants here.

Abraham had a Ram, but he wanted to get rid of it.

You have failed in your duty as one of God’s Chosen People by neglecting to make all those people feel guilty for driving to temple.

I know lots of tradesmen. Only one Jew, an electrician who didn’t have a pickup.

I married a Jewish woman, the ex was Jewish too. Out of all those contacts, one guy has a pickup, but he’s a market florist, so it’s a work vehicle.

Mostly Priuses and Hyandais. Even the lawyers, though one has a smaller SUV 'cause they camp a lot.