Jewish pickup truck owners

They’re the ones with the horns. Or so I was told as a child in the South (“You can’t be Jewish, you don’t have horns.”)

Pshaww, having grown up in Texas I know for a FACT you can fit more people in the back of a pickup than you can inside one of them fancy sedans. :smiley:

FWIW, my dad is Jewish, and drives a Pontiac Grand Am, although previous vehicles have included a station wagon and something sporty and small that got wrapped around something in the 80’s when my dad got cut off by someone on the highway (hence why he switched to the station wagon, which was more akin to a tank than a sports car)

(So, anybody else miss the Jewish smiley?)


“Now Issac, we don’t have to tell your Mother about this…”

Maybe, but no true Jew drives a pickup.

Why, what does He drive, a G-M?


Are there varying degrees? Can one be very Black or very Indian, for example?