Jewish Pirates

I was looking for a gift for a Jewish friend last night, and I stumbled across this book. The title alone is irresistible:

The Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean

I hadn’t heard of it before, but the subject matter is definitely quirky enough for our friends.

Cool. I have a buddy (of the Semetic persuasion, of course) who collects books about Jews in unlikely, unexpected, non-stereotypical Jew situations; I’m definately going to pick up a copy of this book for him. You might also check out:

Just remember, the first basketball stars were all Jewish.

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of Manischewitz!

Oy, me hearties!

Oy gevalt and a glezl of rum…

For off-beat Judaica, you can’t beat “Up, Up and Oy Vey,” a treatise on the Jewish roots of superhero comic books.

Ask him about Michael Chabon. If he’s already got his books, get them for yourself!

Of special note: The Yiddish Policeman’s Union–an alternate history starring a Jewish detective in the Jewish refugee settlement in Alaska.

And Gentlemen of the Road–two sword-wielding adventurers who bear a striking resemblance to Fafhrd & Graymouser. Except they’re Jewish.

I want a copy. I shall also have to inform Scuba Ben who is also Jewish and belongs to a pirate guild.

“Back off or you will be killed! We are taking all your stuff but you can have it right back as long as you sign this stack of forms willing to repay all of it at 22.9% APR!. Here is a pen and call me sometime if you need a really good lawyer.”

Sorry, I know and love more Jewish people than the vast majority of people but sometimes cultural stereotypes have a grain of truth to them and the image of Jewish Pirates is pretty entertaining.


This is something I’ve never thought of before. Now I have to get this book.

Cal, you are my new hero.

I usually have to hunt high and low to find gifts for The Boy… but it looks like the next birthday/anniversary/whatever gift is now taken care of, because this is absolutely the perfectest of perfect gifts for a pirate-obsessed Jew. :slight_smile:

(on a side note, it’s kind of funny how many people have already piped up about the same thing… I guess pirate-obsessed Jews aren’t nearly as much of a minority as one would expect)

Make way for Long John Silverberg!

The tars of the Royal Navy shuddered in fear of being boarded, captured and circumcised…

I hope they put their women in to port when they were nearing their end of term, because if there’s anything trickier than a male infant’s bris ceremony, it’s trying to pull that off at sea, on a wave-tossed ship… :eek:

And if the mohel has a hook for a hand? :frowning:

Another notable book about Jews in nonstereotypical fields:
The heebie-jeebies at CBGB’s:A secret history of Jewish punk

I don’t know why punk rock would even be a “nonstereotypical” field for Jews. Jews have always been overrepresented in music and art “scenes.” Jews have always been overrepresented in revolutionary movements. Jews have always been overrepresented in New York. Of course punk rock is going to be influenced by Jews.

It’s only “nonstereotypical” if someone’s only stereotype of Jews is that they are “not cool.” I always find it a little bit insulting when people act astonished that there are Jewish sports heroes, war heroes, pirates, gangsters, rock stars, or anything else with “cool” credentials. I know it’s in good fun most of the time and I don’t really take personal offense at individuals for joking this way; it’s more my distaste with a perception in the general public. It’s like if people acted amused to find that there were black scientists, doctors and attorneys.

Besides, about the Pirates thing, this is about the same time the King of England made all the Jews go live on an island that was kind of underwater at high tide.

You know, when the ruler of the land only uses you to borrow money from and goes and has you purged when he doesn’t want to pay it back… why not go pirate?

What island do you mean?