JFK and Marilyn

Did JFK and Marily Monroe ever have the kind of sexual relations that is hinted at in so many tele-movies and James Elroy novels? Or is this just some kind of urban legend that emphasises Johnny boys promiscuity and Monroes sex god status?

Nobody knows for sure. There is no smoking gun so to speak.

I wouldn’t be quite that quick to discount this as mere legend. Peter Lawford introduced Monroe at a birthday party for JFK and she sang a very sexy version of “Happy Birthday” to him. Afterwards, Monroe and Kennedy met privately for about 1/2 an hour. It’s a safe bet that they weren’t discussing world politics.:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, let’s just apply the “reasonable man” analysis to this…:smiley:

I believe that almost any reasonable (straight) man of the day would, if the opportunity arose, indeed have sexual relations with Ms. Monroe, repeatedly if possible.

On a similar theme, is it or is it not a UL that JFK Jr was, in fact, the son of Peter Lawford and Jackie Kennedy?

I haven’t heard or read anything which suggested that Jackie Kennedy dicked around like JFK did. She knew about his cheating, but like all the other Kennedy women throughout history put up with it.

Robert Kennedy also banged Marilyn Monroe, but not at the same time that JFK.:smiley: