I really don’t mean to offend anyone, and I don’t mean any disrespect to the Kennedy Family, But, I mean, if JFK Jr.'s plane crashed, why should President Clintontake it out of tax dollars to find the wreckage. Just because He’s the son of a President, how does that make him any different from you or me, if we crashed a plane?

Because he IS the son of a beloved and assassinated president, AND the nephew of a senior senator AND the cousin of (a couple?) of congressmen. And that DOES make him different from you and me.

Besides which, as I suspected and as was just reviewed on CNN, the “tax dollars” are nothing special. Mostly fuel, very little if any overtime, and that’s about it. It’s not like they built the ships and hired the people just to go do this. It was all on hand anyway.

So chill.


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Exactly HOW does being related to politicians make one different than any other citizen of our democracy? Are you saying that if some other famous person (say Tom Hanks) had crashed their plane into the ocean, it would not be proper to spend tax dollars searching for them?

I understand and respect your grief, but let’s be clear on something. The US does not have heriditary nobility and the Kennnedy’s are NOT “America’s Royalty”. Being related to politicians entitles you to exactly zero special treatment from the government. Being related to politicians does NOT make one better or different than you or me. All men are created equal, remember?

We do not have to forgot 9th grade civics and basic logic just because we’re grieving.

Fact and public sentiment are two different things. The Kennedy’s may not REALLY be America’s royalty but exclaiming that fact over and over is not going to change the fact that so many people had a soft spot in their heart for JFK Jr. Celebrities are what we make them. The public seems to be making JFK Jr pretty important. Maybe you can’t see why but I can’t see why alot of celebrities are so beloved.

When his body was found, a friend of mine expressed great relief. She stated that she was glad because she didn’t want nut-jobs going out, trolling for Kennedys, and then blackmailing the family if they found the body. Maybe alittle far-fetched, but is it? Not to be morbid, but he may have ended up floating. Also, there are plenty of graverobbers and imbalanced individuals who would like a piece of John Jr, if not his whole body, as a centerpiece at Thanksgiving.

Personally, I have a soft spot in my heart for Tom Hanks. I’d want them to find him too.

Is the navy going to have to divert a warship from it’s regular duties everytime one of these presidential children die?

Will Chelsey rate a destroyer, or has the escapades of her father relegated her to a a small frigate? What about Amy Carter? Remember her? Her Dad served in nuclear submarines. Maybe the Navy can shoot her out a torpedo tube. How about a whole fleet of PT boats for Caroline, in honor of her father’s service in WWII. If the Reagan kids cooperate and all kick the bucket on the same day, perhaps we can arrange for a last ride on their pop’s namesake, the new supercarrier!

What about the Bush boys? Wait! Sorry! They’re actually public servants. It might look like someone was pulling some strings. Nevermind.

All right, since it’s the BBQ pit–

I have never understood why I should be interested in these people just because their last name is “Kennedy.” Personally, I find them self-indulgent and boring. I have negative interest in the Kennedys.

It’s always sad when someone dies young, but I really don’t care whether there’s a JFK jr. in the world or not. I am unmoved.

A couple of families I work with have lost children recently, plus I was personally touched by the July fourth shootings at the synagogue in Chicago, and the Korean Church in Bloomington, IN-- I have relatives in Bloomington, and I went to college there.

So maybe I’ve just exhausted my ability to grieve, but I am completely uninterested in the Kennedy thing. I didn’t even know about it until more than a day after it happened, and I’m usually a news junkie.

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If everyone care so incredibly little about JFH Jr, or doesn’t care at all, why are you even reading and taking the time to respond this topic? I’m sure there are more important things that are worthy of your attentions. It would be like me going into the pizza thread and talking about how I just don’t care at all about pizza.

Again, we create our celebrities. People could put a photo of Bob McKenzie of Peru, IN on their cover with the headline “Indiana man pays for daughters braces in monthly installments.” Chances are it wouldn’t sell and they wouldn’t do that again. If it did, they’d get more pics of Bob and soon Bob would be a celebrity. When our beloved Bob died, people would mourn (Sounds like “The Truman Show”).

JFK Jr’s pic, however, sold magazines. People in the general public bought enough magazines regarding him that the editors wanted more photos of him and so on. He was a national celebrity-the son of an assassinated president-who gave up, graciously I might add, a good portion of his privacy. Did I buy the magazines? No, but someone did.

A large group of people loved Princess Diana. A large group of people loved JFK Jr. A large group of people made them into celebrities. A large group of people mourned their death and watched their funerals. Jumping up and down and nashing of teeth isn’t going to change that.