Jheronimus Bosch Video film HELP ?

I’m looking for the name of the artist who made a short video film, based on the works of the painter Jheronimus Bosch.

Can’t remember the name of the film either. :frowning:

It was about creatures [people?] who were being rescued from an enormous fire [hell?] by an helicopter.

The artist’s name is Scandinavian I think. Swedish maybe?

Help, please?

You might have better luck looking under the name “Hieronymous Bosch.” Bosch was Flemmish, so your Scandinadian-sounding director might also have been from, uh, Flemland. (In the modern day, that would be the Netherlands)

I assume that bit about the helicopter is from the movie, not from a Bosch painting, right? Cause Bosch was born in the 15th century, a bit before the invention of the whirly-bird.

Putting Hieronymous Bosch into the search engine over on the IMDB gave three hits:

Le Jardin des délices de Jérôme Bosch

Emily, of het geheim van Huis ten Bosch

Il Paradiso perduto

Hope that helps.

Chuckle. Unhealthy place, is it? Flanders. Most of Flanders is in modern day Belgium, though parts of it are in France and in the Netherlands, including the town Bosch was from.

Flanders, right. Sorry, brainfart there. I also have problems with the Dutch (from Deutchland, right?), Canadians (from Canadia), and the British (from Britland).

When I grow up, I’m going to be president.

Miller; too sweet of you. I know a fair bit about Bosch.
Including his day and place of birth, which was in my Country; Holland. *giggle *

And yes; the helicopter was in de film. [though it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Bosch *had * painted things looking like helicopters]

I found out the name of the film: “Limbo”.

And the artist has a Scandinavian sort of name. [I know the difference between a Dutch and a Swedish sounding name. There’s a *huge * difference. :wink:

Thank you anyway. :slight_smile:

Ah! Google paid off.

The name of the artist is Magnus Wallins [from Sweden]
and the site for those interested is :sirene.nta.no/stahl/fagerholt/exitlimbo.html

Sadly it’s in Swedish. Which I can’t read. :frowning:

Thanks again. :slight_smile: