Jhonn Balance (Coil), R.I.P.


I’m nearly speechless. This is an incredible loss.

The one and only time I ever made any money with my music was a royalty check from a Coil tribute album. I framed it, next to a postcard he once sent me.

Dammit, that sucks. (He sez eloquently)

Coil put out some brilliant material, and it’s a tragedy to see someone of this stature pass away.

First John Peel and now this. There goes strange music. Coil and Psychic TV were bands that, no matter how old they got, still sounded so. . . odd. Such a normal death, too – sounds like the kind of thing I could accidentally do at a lively barbeque.

Anyone who appreciates intelligent and somewhat creepy music should look up Coil. Balance’s work is absolutely amazing.

Music to Play in the Dark vol 1 & vol 2: contain some of the most reachable Coil music, and some of the best. Then on Horse Rotavator, Coil’s cover of “Tainted Love” is chilling and beautiful amongst several other very strong pieces.

So many other recordings to recomend. The loss of John Balance is very sad.

Correction: You should be referring to Psychic TV in the present tense. I saw 'em perform a couple weeks ago.

That’s right: They’re back. It’s not the original lineup, of course, but they’re sounding really good. And I think I’ve fallen in love with the ladies in the band–they’ve got prolly the best smiles in rock 'n roll.

And Genesis P-Orridge now has short blond hair, a mouthful of gold teeth, and breast implants.

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