Jill Magruder = JillGat

Just thought I’d make a change here. I hope that doesn’t freak anybody out. Everything else about me is exactly the same! And yes, this is cross-posted in GQ. So sue me.

What?! You can’t do that - I’ll totally be lost. No changes allowed! :wink:

Fine, be that way.

Well, good. Maybe people will start spending months hassling you about losing the “Gat” part, and they’ll finally get off my back about losing the “Bo Diddly”.

Oh come on, SPOOFE–getting rid of your Gat is one thing, but having your Bo Diddley cut off is quite another.

What? Jill’s a crossposter.

Krikey! They’ll let just anyone be a mod, won’t they.
I’m tired of you sexual deviant, liberal commies, letting our moral values go…What? It means what?

[sub]never mind[/sub]

Jill Magruder, AKA JillGat:**
Esteemed madame. Be advised that on behalf of my client, (hereinafter referred to as “shewhowillberich”), suit has been filed in the Superior Courts. In committing the grievious offense of cross posting on the SDMB, and the secondary offense of posting a non-general question in the forum specifically called “General Questions”, you have caused my client (shewhowillberich) great personal harm and damage.

To wit:

  1. That shewhowillberich had to read the posts more than once in order to grasp the fact that you, Ms. Magruder/Gat (and whatever other aliases come to light) did indeed commit such a faux pas.

  2. That upon confirmation of the faux pas, that shewhowillberich fell off of her chair in shock that such an offense would be committed by the formerly esteemed Ms. Magruder/Gat.

  3. That shewhowillberich’s faith in the future, nay her entire foundation has been rocked with such tremors that I, her esteemed representative have lost all touch with whatever concept I was going to go for in this sentence.
    We await your answer.
    Screwem F. Theycantakeajoke, Esquire

(hey, someday it’ll pay off)

Catbiker might be upset that getting rid of the Gat will infringe on his second amendment rights.

Need I quote more?


Magruder, Magruder … Any relation to Jeb Stuart Magruder of CREEP? I’ll be you know what was on those tapes, don’t ya?

Oh Jill.

You look different now. Your face looks thinner, the highlights have left your hair.

You look more …worried.

I suppose I’ll get used to it, but it reeks of reality, and if I wanted reality I wouldn’t be here on these boards.

You do look taller, I’ll admit that.

Or is it all my imagination?
Good luck anyway and thanks for the work!