Ok, just to be sure I did my homework.

I had a factual question about copyrights and/or trademarks, so I posted it here:

But JillGat saw fit to move it here:

Now, this perplexes me given that I find stuff like ‘Ask the black woman’, which would cover the “less than cosmic” part and ‘Which ‘bike’ should I buy’(incidentally, OP by JillGat) and ‘How many sex partners?’, both which cover the "poll"ing part. So far so good. But over in GQ, I find things like (Which car should I buy?(polling?), 'How the hell do you whistle?(this is cosmic?) and ‘What does this Klingon phrase mean?’(not cosmic, polling and should be in the ‘Cafe’). These are random samples - not the rare example. So what do I do to clear up my confused little brain? Well, I could e-mail the mod who moved it… or, better idea, since there is a forum specially for this (as pointed out to me by Eutychus55 and Manhattan):

I can get an answer and help other boarders not to make the same mistake - if there was one. So I post this, “A question for JillGat”. Straight, to the point, right? I explained my confusion in a clear, thoughtful and polite way. The only problem is JillGat doesn’t answer, no one can speak for her so the question drops off the current board.
Meanwhile, back over in IMHO, my original question flounders because people in this forum don’t respond well to these kinds of factual questions. (To his credit, Reality Chuck took a swing at it, which I appreciate (though he did sound a tad condecending), but apparently doesn’t understand the nuances of this as opposed to straight writing.)

Now I understand that Mods give us their free time and they can’t get to everything. I also appreciate the job they are doing. But, this has been on the boards for a couple of days and I would like some kind of response. It’s not like I’m calling anyone an asshole or that I’m a constant problem on these boards. I try to post appropiately and abide by the ‘don’t be a jerk rule’. Just asking for a little consideration.

I would really like some ‘factual’ feedback on my original thread, and since as cazzle put it, JG probably just skimmed it (inaverdentantly missing the real question), I’m asking that she re-examine it and please move it to the proper forum. Could any Mod either bring this up to JillGat or address it yourselves?
Thank you,
P.S. I notice during composing this thread, cliffy offered some good advice, still there might be others with different experiences/ opinions/ info so I believe my request is still valid.

Why didn’t you just send Jill an e-mail?

Why don’t you just send Jill an e-mail?

Is this an emergency of some kind?

Are you personally offended that your Pit thread fell off page 1?

Do you interpret this as meaning that we don’t care?

And…[sub]wait for it[/sub]

Have you tried Google?

[ d & r ]


Have you considered emailing Jill? Or, in fact, any of the moderators or administrators?


For the amount of code you had to write for that post alone your thread should be moved back.

Impressive… and it’s surely a sign of something.

warmgun, is it really such a big deal that your thread got moved to start 2 Pit threads? It’ll get answered in IMHO as well as GQ and looks as if it had. Besides, from your OP of the thread that started this all (italics mine):

IANAM, but asking for advice to me sounds like asking for people’s opinions. It may have just been the wording that caused a misunderstand. If you had asked simply, “How do I go about getting characters copyrighted?” it may not have been moved.

But again, I’m not a mod. My opinions don’t change (or mean) shit.

DDG, Did you read the entire OP?

Why don’t you read the entire OP?

No. But I am actively gathering info to put together a presentation.

No, but in this case it fell far enough back that you would have to adjust the ‘show treads from: ___’ to get to it. I figure that put it off radar for mods.

Do you care?

Yes, LOL, I tried Google. I almost always do. I also always pre-view (not that keeps me from screwing things up horribly)

And running won’t help - I once hit the trashman with a half-empty can of Crisco 5 houses down! :slight_smile:

andros, have you considered reading the entire OP?

CnoteChris, You just made my week! Though I have to give credit to all those who answered my relentless vBcoding questions in ATMB. Still, I’m not a typer. One finger/key at a time…

Crunchy Frog, Thanks, but to clear up a fine point; one thread was about moving the OP, one was about not answering the first. Small difference, but a different complaint. They both go to the description of this forum and after all, I didn’t write the criteria for this forum. And as stated above, both Euty and Manny have directed me here for just this reason in the past.
And I would still like to see it posted in the correct forum. If the wording was vague, I apologize -the mods are free to correct it or offer me the opportunity to re-post more specifically.

I’ll put the question to the mods: Would you rather ‘discussions regarding the administration of the SDMB’ be posted here or would you rather have a personal e-mail?
I’ve been on these boards a while and I don’t see that I’ve done anything wrong here.

Personal email usually works a lot better.

Why am I reminded of kids who, on a long road trip, shout things like “He’s on my side!” and “She’s looking at me!”?

Actually, this is more like “He’s not touching me!”

I’d pay good money to be in the position where a woman has to complaint that I’m not touching her.


On car trips, I would point at my brother and let my finger just hover over his arm. Drove him nuts.

“She’s not touching me!”

Of course, the parents laughed at him.

I’ve read it, Sparky. Whjat you’re not understanding is that contrary to your beliefs, bringing a beef with a mod action to the Pit is not a better solution than actually talking to the person you’re upset with.

Ae you willing to think about the idea that maybe your original post wasn’t for a factual answer? I concur with Crunchy Frog’s thoughts here that your OP was definitely more suited for IMHO: you described a personal situation and asked for advice from folks on the board. Any one set of advice might be the right one for you, but there is no one factual answer.

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That is, if I may be so bold.

::slinks off to preview::

There you go, gigi, I fixed the coding for you.

{stops to listen}

You guys hear that?

Sorta sounds like someone, a long way off, hammering on the wall.

Ah, SPOOFE, it’s so much easier when you’re on the other side isn’t it?

Gosh, looks like I owe you guys a apology. Being the pit, I guess you were expecting a little rant. When instead I’m here for the other reason we have the pit. Maybe I should have used pldenison’s approach to mod/admin negotiations:

Wow - “absolutely, positvely insist”, hmmm?
Let’s see where that got him:

(Not to get in the middle of that, but it sure looked like to me it was directed at him. If it wasn’t, why the second part of the apology? But I digress…)

And then my dumb-ass stumbles in having bought in to all that “fighting ignorance, don’t be a jerk, play nice” mentality that is so oftened mentioned on these boards and politely post this to Czarcasm:

What does this get me?

Oh yeah, he was kidding, blah blah blah. I stayed in my higher self and took it on the chin. But it was a little rude. Yes, yes, yes I know these boards are not a democracy. Mods rule. I’m cool with that. And if I don’t like that, I’ll go away. But since we are in the pit, I thought I had a little leeway to disagree with the mods without being made out to be an asshole or being childish?
But I see now that, really, this is sort of a clique or popularity contest over here. (I started to post plenty of examples, but it would’nt really matter [it’d be like bringing nails to my own crucifiction]) I’m the newbie/outsider, so fuck me. I guess the lesson is ‘Don’t bring a bowl of sugar to a flame-thrower fight’.

Not that I expect to, but I still haven’t heard from JG. Doesn’t matter, though - I’m throwing in the towel.

andros Re your question:

and my reply:

and your answer:

If you had read it you would know that, yes, I did consider it. So why ask?
And you are right, I didn’t understand that. I don’t come to the pit often, I’ve never flamed anyone,
I’ve started a whopping 2 threads here. Both were for discussions regarding administration of the SDMB. I was lead to believe that this was a forum for that. But I see now that that was just the ‘ideal’ not the reality, thanks to the trigger-happy posters here looking for their next target.
(And just so those reading won’t be totally disappointed …) And in regards to the “Sparky” comment - Fuck you!

Lynn, thank you for the advice. I will heed it in the future.

The grass is always greener, you big silly guy.

For the record, my Klingon question was a genuine, carefully constructed question which is being incrementally solved as we speak.
ghup -wIj ghargh, HaQchor veQ’!!

Got some spare time on your hands, warmgun? I don’t read the entire board every day, but I DO read email. I’m sorry if I’m not 100% consistent in what I keep and what I move in GQ. I do have my own logic, zany though it may be… You ended your OP, “Any good advice would be greatly appreciated.” So I moved it to a forum where people are more likely to give “advice.” So sue me. - Jill

The forum description does say that this is the forum where that should go. It doesn’t say that by putting it in this forum, your stupid whine will automatically be treated as an intelligent and valid point.