Jill Stein is a stupid cretin

Posted this as a reply in another BBQ thread, but I think she deserves her own thread. Is this pure propaganda and pandering to her idiot followers, or did she turn off the TV when there wasn’t a surprise “Jill Stein is going to be president”-announcement and miss the part where the republicans kept control of the senate?
Jill Stein on twitter about the confirmation of DeVos that all democratic senators and two republicans voted against:

If she’s not stupid, she’s certainly pandering to stupid people. If she wants support she needs to peel those people away from Democrats, so might as well attack the Democrats.

Another presidential candidate as clueless as Donald? How do these people keep rising to the top?

because shit floats?

Only when they’re full of fat. I learned that on House. I presume hot air would work too however.

Thanks, Obama!


What if she’s arguing that, if she didn’t feel that Democrats in general – and Hillary Clinton in particular – didn’t serve corporate interests, then The Great Jill Stein would have felt no need to run, and would’ve peeled no support away, and Hillary would’ve been elected, and a better Secretary of Education would’ve been picked?

Like the man said, it’s an idiotic point, but it is a point.

I apologize in advance.

Do these pants make my poop look fat?

(Thomas Dolby voice) “SCIENCE!”

The top of what? Stein has as much chance of becoming President as I do.

The top of a major third party.

There’s no such thing.

It’s nice to see a Pitting of someone other than The Donald …

What Yookeroo said. A “major third party” is an oxymoron in American politics. Third parties are for people who want to talk about politics without actually participating in politics.

Nah. Third parties are for people who want to express ideological purity, at the cost of preventing a travesty. Stein, in persuading sufficient people to vote for her, changed the course of history. She’s definitely a major player, a more important Trump ally than Bannon himself.

Jill Stein’s not stupid; her career is running for an office that she and everyone else knows she cannot possibly win. And yet she finds enough suckers to keep her ‘candidacy’ (and political organization) alive.

Who’s stupid again?

The people giving her money?

This, and I say it as a Libertarian.

I checked after the election. If every single person who voted for the Green and Libertarian party’s candidate plus that write-in guy from Utah had voted for Clinton (an impossibility) she still would not have won.

You are incorrect. The margins in PA, WI, and MI were less than the total number of votes taken by the Green Party.

Wait … isn’t the Democrats considered a major third party … or do they just act that way?