Jim Butcher reveals first line of next Dresden novel, Changes

I know there’s a fair number of fans here, and thought that people might be interested. He posted this over at his own forum, in the Book 12 Spoilers.

Apparently Harry’s life juuuust wasn’t complicated enough. Although I think it was jerkish for her not to tell him.

Just because it’s Susan’s daughter doesn’t mean it’s Harry’s also.

God I love this series.

And Sean, there was thatreally freaking hot encounter the last time they saw each other. That was probably the moment of conception.

This is one series I should have waited for the whole thing to come out before I started reading it. Ah well, only 320+ days till the next one.

Not saying you’re wrong, Boss. Just throwing out ideas here. Can you imagine how powerful (and screwed up) their child would be?