Jim Croce, revisited (amazing soccer moment)

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape,

You don’t kick into the wind,

You don’t pull the mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger,

and you don’t mess around with Jim.

Spit. You don’t *spit *into the wind.

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Nope. Kick. Watch the video on the link. It’s an amazing goal scored by a soccer team.

Thank you, Twickster for re-forumming this. It’s been awhile since I was here, and I’m re-learning my way around the place.

No prob – even folks who are around regularly still forget about the Game Room forum sometimes.

Welcome back!

It’s a crazy video, but that shouldn’t actually count as a goal, should it?

Why not? ball was in play and it went into the goal.

There are lots of situations where a ball in play has to be touched by a player before a goal can be scored. I just looked it up, and in this case the fifa laws explicitly state that this isn’t a goal:

I think the correct call is to award a corner to the opposing team.

Apparently, the game is being replayed, as the goal should not have counted.

In a youth league game(maybe 10 years old) in one game I scored two goals on corner kicks directly thanks to a strong wind. :slight_smile:

This is rather strange. It implies strongly that something like this has happened before. Who would expect a goal kick to ever go directly into one’s own goal.

I wonder if the possibility of a a goal kick bouncing off a clumsy ref into the goal has anything to do with the reasoning.

Would that count as directly? If the keeper had tipped the ball would it have counted?

For the ref, no. The ref is considered part of the field; “touches” refer only to players. If the keeper had tipped the ball on its way into the goal, that would have been a touch and the goal would have counted. If the kicker had touched the ball, it would be an indirect free kick for the opposing team.