Jimi Hendrix meets Right Said Fred: World's Most Improbable Homages

So I am driving around the other day when “I’m Too Sexy” comes on the radio. When the other stations don’t offer anything better, I resign myself to listening to it - not that I hate the song but it isn’t very high on my list. Anyways, about halfway through the song I notice something I never noticed before. The horns in the song play a riff from Jimi Hendrix’s “Third Stone from the Sun,” one of my all time favorite rock instrumentals (ok it has some talking in it, but screw it I am calling it an instrumental). I was blown away. I never thought in a million years that Right Said Fred would have a Jimi Hendrix hook hidden in one of their songs, much less under my nose the whole time.

Who else has some musical homages they never would have expected?

In the City of Heroes game, there’s one area where the background music is very similar to the Purple Haze riff.