Jiminy Cricket...Jiminy Glick...Does the personal name Jiminy actually exist?

For that matter, I’ve always wondered where the name Jiminy Cricket came from. I always thought that Jiminy would be just awful, as a name to go through life with.

Does anyone know anything more about this name? I did check a couple of name databases but came up empty.

Jiminy is an anglicization of Gemini, which is itself probably a corruption of the Latin “Jesu Domine” (Lord Jesus); all of which is a way of swearing on J_s_s Chr_st without actually swearing on H_m.

Jiminy Cricket, like Judas Priest, is a euphemism for Jesus* C**hrist*. The Disney character was named after the euphemism, and I’m sure Martin Short took the name because it sounded funnier to him than “Jimmy Glick”.

I don’t think “Jiminy” is used as a name in any other context.

Well, there was Jumpin’ Jiminy…
… the famous kangeroo that was a Jesus look-alike.

From The Wordwizard Clubhouse: Pronunciation of criminy

Also our friendly poster Ukulele Ike should have some good information on the subject (can you guess why?)

He’s a famous singing cricket?

So “Gemini” in this sense is completely independent of “gemini” meaning “twins”?