Jimmy is now potty trained

This past Friday, Jimmy the chin successfully is used the toilet without any apparatus. It took about 6 months to train the cat to do this, but I am very proud of the little guy. I picked him up from the Humane Society in November of last year, and the age given was around 6 months. I am now using Friday, May 28 as his official birthday.

I started with a mixing bowl full of kitty litter, and slowly removed kitty litter. When it got down to about a half inch of kitty litter in the bottom, I made a small hole in the bowl, and continued to make that hole bigger. Eventually, I no longer used kitty litter and jimmy knew where to go. At one point, though, I must have made the hole too big, as he took to going on the bathroom rug, and on a loveseat. I went out, bought a new mixing bowl and went to a smaller hole, to get him back on track. On Friday, I removed the bowl completely, and apparently, he understood what to do.

Oh the little guy makes me so proud!