Jimmy's John's guy

A character in Jimmy John’s commercials is a hood who calls the restaurant Jimmy’s John’s.

Is the character supposed to be a generic small-time crime boss who will never make the big time because he’s too stupid to get the name of a fast food joint right? Or is he a cultural reference (real person/actor/character) that I’m not getting?

This guy?

I think he’s just a clueless fictional crime guy who is a lousy sandwich shop owner, because his “business” approach doesn’t lead to good sandwiches.

Also, the actor is Brad Garrett (from “Everybody Loves Raymond”), in case you didn’t recognize him.

Doesn’t Big Tony, the mob boss on The Simpsons, do that? Maybe there is a real life person they’re referring to, but I thought it might be because all those Joisey types say “youse”. So the writers add unnecessary S’s to a bunch of their other words as well.

I think he represents Big Sandwich.

Distantly related to Ruth’s Chris. :wink:

I second that. I’d always assumed it was an attempt at a stereotypical working class New Jersey way of speaking.

See “Sal” from Futurama


" Although he doesn’t do so when we first meet him, he eventually adds an ‘s’ to words that don’t normally take one, and sometimes leaves it off of words that should have one. For example, “Whoas! Cripe!” (4ACV09). By the release of the game he has come to believe these words actually require the extra ‘s’, and upon forgetting to add an ‘s’, corrects himself. He may add an ‘s’ to make words seem plural as he refers to Bigfoot as “Bigsfeet”."

Here’s the two minute version, which shows his entire background and the leadup to the sandwich wars - he’s Tony Bolognavitch, King of Cold Cuts.