jjimm Is A Decendent Of Atlantis?

According to this story, so are the rest of the Irish Dopers:


The new theory is that Ireland is/was Atlantis!

No wonder Patrick Duffy was always hanging out there…it is all starting to make sense now…

Actually, jjimm is an Englishman in Ireland. So he is not a native Atlantian (or whatever the hell the term would be).

Ooops! My bad.

Wonder if he will be more upset that I called him Irish or an…Atlantisite(word?)…my apology, jjimm when you read this!

Well then…at least the story does go a ways in explaining Graham Norton.

Gosh, I’m awfully flattered to have had a thread dedicated to my lineage.

Actually, DMark, you aren’t completely wrong, since my maternal grandfather was born here and generations of his forebears were Irish of some stripe.

I wear a turtleneck sweater to hide my gills.

I am one of the [url=“http://www.indypressny.org/article.php3?ArticleID=1563”]30 million Americans* of Irish descent.

We are already here. We are among you.


Oh, fooey. Someday I’ll figure out how to code. Eh, if you want to check my cite, you know how to C&P.

And I thought My Irish Blood just entitled me to claim that I was a natural consessiur of potatos and whisky, as explaing the strange urge to blow up any english buses.

Dances the Atlantean Dance

A few generations back, my ancestors were given ‘assisted passage’ from Ireland to the penal colonies. That does explain my liking for fish.