JLA: Destiny (some spoilers)

I just read the 2002 mini-series JLA: Destiny and I have a few questions.

What happened to the Flash? He was there during Triumph’s funeral and then disappeared from the story. Did I miss some explanation of his absense?

Monghul and Triumph - are they new characters or are they supposed to be some mainstream characters I don’t recognize?

Widow and Marksman - Are they supposed to be the equivalent of Black Widow and Green Arrow?

Who’s the guy with the sword supposed to be?

I totally missed that series, never heard of it when it came out, but it sounds pretty interesting. I did some Googling and apparently the Marksman was an actual Golden Age character and the Widow was not.

There are actual characters named Mongul and Triumph; don’t know if they’re the same ones as in the regular DCU. Mongul is a giant yellow alien with a Hulk-like physique and dreams of conquest, and only Superman (who, in this story, apparently never existed) has ever defeated him, usually teaming up with someone like Green Lantern or Wonder Woman. Triumph, a man in a bluish-green body suit with a metallic collar, was a founding member of the Justice League, but their first opponent used time travel to erase him from history and memory, so instead of being a lauded hero, he’s just thought of as a creep with a bad attitude. He briefly led the Justice League Task Force. He was later brainwashed by the JLA’s enemies into fighting them, and got killed for his trouble. He has the same powers as Magneto.

No idea about the others.

It was interesting if you’re into the Elseworlds/What If stuff. I picked up copies of the four issues at a used book store. I don’t know if it was ever released in a single volume.

Apparently so. When the League is planning to go after Edjam, Wonder Woman says Flash is still not up for a fight. He apparently recovered from getting thwocked by Luthor to attend the funeral, but that’s it.