JLU 2/25/06 - Patriot Act

I thought it was a pretty good episode, but I’m biased. It had Green Arrow, so it couldn’t have been bad.

I liked how it wrapped up the Cadmus project storyline, and featured the non-superpowered characters. There were also what looked like nods to Captain America (the Super-solider serum) and to The Incredible Hulk (big, grey, and mean).

Who was the super hero in the opening sequence? He looked familiar.

Also, a big bonus - Speedy. I think this makes him the only character to appear on both the Teen Titans and JLU.

“My old sidekick?”

I thought for sure, at the very beginning, Captain Nazi would be the villian.

While I know that Stargirl, S.T.R.I.P.E (or whatever the armored dude is called), and Shining Knight don’t have powers, I don’t think they are in the same category as Green Arrow, Speedy and Vigilante. Mystical armor and sword versus bullets; cosmic rod versus punching bag arrows.

I would have preferred Arsenal, though.

Kind of. The General (and his alter-ego, Eiling) is an established JLA villain from the comics. The Nazi serum was actually the comics origin of Captain Nazi, a Captain Marvel villain and the most hated villain of his era, but it’s obviously derivative of Captain America.

Spy Smasher.

Wally West appeared on Titans, as Kid Flash, and Nightwing has a cameo on JLU.

I liked this episode because it had so many different things going on. You had the Seven Soldiers of Victory, the Newsboy Legion, a homage to the first Ultimates arc, and hey, Shining Knight kicks ass. Both here and the Grant Morrison counterpart.

That was Spy Smasher – one of the more obscure heroes from Fawcett Comics.

I really didn’t like this episode. Way, way too heavy handed. I spent most of the episode hoping those annoying kids would get crushed by falling rubble. And God know I love Nathon Fillion, but I just can’t stand Vigilante.

It did have two great lines, though:

“You wanted Superman? Well, now you’re dealing with… the Crimson Stranger and my ex-sidekick.”
“Do we have to do this now, Speedy?”


“Alright, I’ve become what I hate, I’ll give you that.”

Other than that, blech.

As would I.

Did Green Arrow actually call that character the Crimson Stranger? I think that was the Crimson Avenger, unless the Phantom Stranger has changed his color scheme and started packing heat.

I might have misheard. I’d never seen the character before.

Speaking of, who’s Mr. Terrific, and how did he score Martian Manhunter’s post in the watchtower?

Mr. Terrific (the second to hold that name in the comics) is an expert in just about everything. He doesn’t have any powers, but he’s a master martial artist and has some damned impressive gadgets. He’s a logical choice for logistical support, especially if you don’t want to keep the heavy hitters cooped up in orbit.

Mr. Terrific is the smartest human alive, a prodigy in all fields. Well, that’s his tagline anyway.

Crimson Avenger, not Stranger. The disappointment in Ollie’s voice was hilarious. Nice to see Eiling/Shaggy Man, and I was amused by the tie-in nod to Captain Nazi. Vigilante working the crowd. Vigilante and Sir Justin discussing Clint Eastwood. Classic.

SK :“Little did I know the Ogre would turn out to be…”
Others : (in unison) “Morgan LeFay.”
? : “We’ve all heard the story.”
SK : (mutters) “'Tis a good story.”

How long was CA on screen? Did he even get any lines?

He fired the odd gun, got swatted… and was next seen handing Star her Cosmic Rod. I don’t think he spoke in this episode - though I find it interesting that he’s a reserve Leaguer - we had no reason previously to think of him as less than a full member. I think his only line in the series so far was when Batman and Bwana Beast and Zatanna were hunting for the temporarily porcine Wodner Woman. (I think he had a line then, at least.)

Since it hasn’t been mentioned yet, and it’s KILLING me…

The heroes in this episode - Stargirl (Formerly The Star Spangled Kid), STRIPE (Formerly Stripesy), Green Arrow and Speedy, Vigilante, Shining Knight, and the Crimson Avenger - are the original Seven Soldiers of Victory. A low powered, short lived, second tier, Golden Age superteam.

CA’s only line in the series was a straightline.

While they’re looking for Wonder Sow, he knocks on a door, which is answered by a middle aged man.

CA: I am looking for a pig.
Man: Gladys, I think it’s for you!

(Red Tornado’s only line is in that same episode. ‘Soooeey!’)

Oops…Menochio did mention it. OTOH, I seem not to have been the only one to miss it, so it’s good to reitterate.

A bit heavy handed, yes, but a good episode nontheless. I always like to see the low to middle range characters hold their own–particularly when they are obviously outgunned. Pretty much Star-girl was the most powerful member there (and her inexperience really is her weakness – Ted would have taken neutralized the general in a heartbeat), but the heroism of people like Green Arrow, Vigilante, Speedy and (especially here) Shining Knight are what draw me to the heroic ideals of comics in the first place. (It is one of Spider-man’s most endearing traits “oh, God, this will probably kill me, but. . .”)
There’s an old saying playing cards around here: “Go big or stay at home”

These are the characters who choose to “Go Big” and I love them for it.

Vigilante is so underrated, but he has also been written fairly poorly. This episode I thought was great for him and for Sir Justin. Vig in his trying to give the kids something to do that got them out of trouble, and Justin proving his worth as a hero and (heavy handedly) extolling the heroic ideal.

Some great lines, which have already been brought up (my ex-partner. . .[gold]). and Sir Justin’s speech while getting the crap beat out of him.
BTW: loved the sacrifice of the motorcycle by Vig–great moment!

what was the big double arrow called? (The quantum arrow?)

I wouldn’t mind seeing this villain given some depth – I think his motivations and realization of what he became weakly done (of course as I’ve complained before they’ve given them more characters and less time to tell more complex stories with the advent of the JLU–frustrating that).

Well, I enjoyed it overall.

This scene was probably the funniest thing in the series. You see Ollies shoulders sag when he sees who the back up is.

I didn’t like the episode overall, but I liked certain elements of it. Really though, it is because I am a fan of DC Comics and the DC Universe.

  • I thought that was the Newsboy Legion!

  • I enjoyed the disappointment of Ollie when he saw the reserves. What made it great was my three year old, who is a DIEHARD Teen Titan fan, yelled “SPEEDY!”

  • I really liked the black and white sequence. It made me REALLY wish they’d do an animated version of the “Golden Age” TPB. Maybe a direct to DVD movie like the Ultimate Avengers.

Sadly, I am just not a big fan of Seven Soldiers. If I were, I would have liked this episode better.

Anyone know what’s next?

Why does the cowboy ride a motorcycle?

Up next:

Luthor and The Flash switch brains! It was a good episode, especially…[/spoiler][spoiler]…when Luthor learns Flash’s secret identity.

I, for one, don’t care what he says, as long as Nathan Fillion keeps talking. :wink:

I actually kinda liked this episode. A little heavy-handed, true, but it’s nice to see some of the lesser-used characters get the spotlight for a change.

‘I have no idea who that is.’

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Priceless.

Best part, though, was Wally, trying hard to convince people he was Luthor, and going WAAAAY over the top. ‘Because I’m evil, and I do that sort of thing.’