Joan of Arcadia 4/30, or Thank God for Sweeps

Ah, May.

Spring is in the air, the new fashions are out, we can wear sandals again, and television tries to lure in viewers by airing new episodes.

God tells Joan to join the yearbook staff.

Be here tonight at 9pm, folks!

Don’t you always wear sandals in Florida? :wink:

It was sandal weather today, and in fact I turned the AC on, just to cool the house off. We face southwest, and get the afternoon sun, and when I got home today it was really hot in here.

Back on topic…
Yay! Joan Of Arcadia is on tonight!

As far as I go, I hate summer and can’t stand sandals.

However, I love this show.

After almost two month of being too busy to see it (what with getting out of the military, moving to another state, trying to find a job, waiting to get cable and having a Friday night free) I’ve finally seen it again.

What a damn fine show. The fact that it can soften up a hard-ass like me by the end every time is fantastic.

I am not only suitibly impressed by whoever writes it (and acts in it) but I am really glad the network is keeping it on.

Such a fine work.

I liked what Adam said at the beginning: “It’s really cool, you know, what you can do with a camera.”

Preach it, brother! Make her pout for the camera!

Dang good episode! I loved the poem–who wrote that, anywa?-- the two Trek references, and the ending was–oh, crap, don’t tell me I’m choking up again; I NEVER do that during a TV show!

Really. Never.

I don’t know why this show affects me like it does, but I was again in a puddle by the end. And what an end–I just -knew- that was what Adam loved about his “Jane,” and the smile of Grace when she looked up and saw them showering the courtyard with copies of her poem (anonymous, of course :)) was great–what a beautiful smile she has.

It’s amazing how it all works so well together; I only wish that there were other shows of this caliber. Loved the ST references too, Viva–Freidman is definitely a Trekker (as Luke probably is as well). It felt like ages since we’d had a new episode; I don’t know how I’ll survive the summer…guess I’ll have to watch my tapes, eh? :wink:

I came home at 9:00 and found that my son had reset the VCR to record “SpongeBob SquarePants” instead of JOA.


After the fact spoilers, please!!!

I eally loved it when Joan snatched God’s walker and the other people on the street were watching. I laughed and laughed, that’s the God of my understanding.

The school janitor with a limp was about the nicest avatar God’s used so far. (Which makes me wonder how God works that whole thing – when God appears as a retail clerk, a substitute teacher, etc., what about the person who would normally be filling that position? I guess if you can create the universe, you can probably work that stuff out.)

Again, this show manages to get into my heart and twist it into knots.

Joan didn’t seem so bitchy to God this time. I knew when her Mom stood up for her and then Joan didn’t leave as well would be a good moment. Helen was wrong though…Joan did screw up the photography and was rightfully demoted.

I also liked the line, “I’ve given you all the tools you need for a perfect life, Joan.” Hee hee hee.

I’m surprised Iris is handling things as well as she is. From what I remember of high school, being dumped by a guy for a girl he called his “friend” would not have left the dumpee in the “I must rise above this situation” frame of mind.

Where was Joan when she was trying to figure out the camera? Was that the roof of the school?

I want to see Cute Reporter Girl again.

And when Friedman was talking about carpal tunnel syndrome…dirty mind that I have, I assumed it was something else, since it was obvious there was no Brittany. I was also able to use that scene in the arcade as an object lesson with my daughter, that boys and men need Guy Time, just like the ladies need Girl Time.

I didn’t quite catch all of Grace’s poem, but I thought Iris or Adam had written it. It shocked me to find out Grace wrote it. Do you think she was talking about Luke?

Next week is another new episode!! :slight_smile:

I keep imagining it like on Quantum Leap… the “real” person is just waiting somewhere in a white room. :rolleyes: I’m such a dork.

I also laughed out loud when she grabbed the Old God’s walker away, and then was all embarrassed by the other people looking at her. I like her attitude of not taking any crap from Him. She’s not mean, but she speaks her mind.

I also went the dirty mind route with Friedman and the carpal tunnel syndrome. I knew there was no new girl friend, and could only imagine one way of him getting a sore wrist, and it wasn’t playing video games. Okay, so my mind’s in the gutter… :smiley: