Joan of Arcadia 5/14, Or Does God Want Joan to...You Know

Based on Joan’s delightfully ditzy teenage scatterbrained joie de vive, I would suggest Joan has remarkedly misunderstood God.

This is going to be good.

But, then again, when is it not?

See you at 9p tonight!

So God might be pimpin’ her out?

I never watched this show, but now I might start!

Is this the season finale?


Oh, wow.

That was the sweetest, funniest, loveliest show yet. I even thought for a while God wanted Joan to sleep with Adam. The scene in the hotel room was wonderful, even though I wish Joan had figured it out, without a push from Society Lady God.

The scene with her parents afterward was classic. Typical Mother, “Now, dear, calm down,” and Father, “I’m going to kill him.” Beautiful.

Luke starting to look outside science, and getting Grace the geode…and Kevin continuing to be a smartass…watching this show makes me feel like I’m wrapped up in a homemade quilt.

Yes, it’s corny. But dammit, I love it.

Next week is the season finale.

Excellent ep, IMO. Touching, yet funny.

Am I the only one who noticed that God had a globe hanging in his locker at school? That cracked me up. So subtle, yet so perfect.

Very, very nice episode, which could have gone so horribly wrong.

[spoiler]The main plot, though predictible, was handled very nicely (I mean, did anyone think for a moment that they were actually going to do it?). The scene with her parents afterward was delightful:

Joan: “Do we really want to go there?”
Joe: “Oh, we’re already there!”

Joan: “Do you really think…”
Mary: “What were we supposed to think?”
Joe: “Of course we were thinking…”
Joan: “Is this a conversation or an Abbot & Costello routine?”

Joan: “I found out what he really wanted.”
Mary: “And it wasn’t sex?”
Joan: “No”
Mary: “Adam is such a nice boy!”[/spoiler]
Beautifully done.

[spoiler]In other news, Grace and Joan’s several conversations dovetailed very nicely with the secondary plot, Grace & Luke (yaay!). Luke’s attempting to unravel his confusion over Glynis and Grace with his mother was very funny and touching at the same time. Did you notice Mary showing Luke that she could speak his language? Heisenberg may have slept here.

The bit with the geode was beautiful. Luke showing it to his mother, who asked “for Glynis?”, and Luke’s shy reply “for Grace.” Then the dialog with Grace, who found it “getting pretty weird”, Luke saying “I know. I don’t care”, and Grace’s expression. Just enough was said, and not a word too much.[/spoiler]

I had thought that this was the season finale. I’m delighted that we get one more before reruns.

By the way, I loved Rich Bitch God (Susan Sullivan).

Not ONLY the globe, but the pictures of hurricanes as well!

Mind you, I’ve only watched it once so far, in real time, but WOW, that was a good episode! As much as I enjoyed (totally!) the Adam/Jane centricness, what really captured me was that -YES!- Luke still has a thing for Grace! I sneaking suspicioned that his “crush” on Grace was probably the real reason for his break-up with Glynis and it looks like it was. Still don’t know what Grace really makes of it all, though. She seems to only want Luke for his notes right now! I do think that she might return the crush, even if she’s not aware that she does yet. If that makes any sense whatsover. :slight_smile:

My daughter could not believe that Joan thought that God wanted her to … give herself to Adam. She thought that the gift was for Joan to tell Adam that she loved him, which she actually did, although she didn’t say it to him. She told her parents she loved him! Having a 22 yo and nearly 17 yo myself, I could totally relate to the scenes with the parents.

Next week is the season finale, and it looks to be a real doozy! I can’t wait! God I love this show, thank you so much Barbara Hall and CBS for bringing it to us and for keeping up the quality! :))

A very nice one tonight, quite an improvement on last week’s hysteriafest/meltdown. Season finale is coming up directly.

Did you hear Grace call Luke “Spock” at one point?

The scary thing is, he those were “pinups” to him. :eek:
(And I, for one, do not want to see what God keeps under his mattress.)

If God told Old Testament Isrealite teens to have sex, I guarantee that Isreal wouldn’t have broken the covenant as many times as it did.

  1. And God said to the prophet Elijah, "Tell the People of Isreal.
  2. "The Lord God of all Isreal commands you, the young people of Isreal.
  3. "To engage in relations with thou signifigant others.
  4. “Thus saith the Lord”.
  5. And the people rejoiced in God’s word, and they did as He commanded them.
  6. And both God and the people were pleased.

I saw the episode today but have missed the past two or three so I was a bit lost. When did Adam and Joan get together? I hate that they’re already an item… they should have drawn it out longer.

Other than that, I really liked the show. Especially Grace calling Luke Spock, which I noticed as well.

Ack. I was posting late, and refered to Joan’s parents as Joe (Mantegna) and Mary (Steenbergen) rather than Will and Helen. Forgive me.

Did anyone notice that, when Joan and Helen were talking alone, Helen started to give the “Sex Lecture” that Joan parodied when blackmailing Luke a couple of episodes back?

This got me: Will was actually suprised to find that his teenaged daughter actually “thought” about having sex with someone he loved. Someone should have told him that when girls reach a certain age, they begin to have certain “yearnings” that make them curious, just like boys.

Actually, I think those were galaxies. How incredibly cute. It’s the attention to the details that makes this show so wonderful. I love how Will has a coffee cup with the pictures of his three kids on it.

I noticed the Sex Lecture too, that it was the same one Joan was teasing Luke about.

Grace tries to come across as a hardass, but her poem, “Sewer Walking,” was (I think) about her and Luke, not her and Adam. There was a scene a few weeks ago where Luke was kissing Glynnis in the school hallway, and Grace was watching them, with this half-smile, melancholy, bittersweet look on her face.

The range of acting ability among these young kids is just astounding. When Adam was telling Joan why he had to work, and that he was afraid he would lose his artistic chances and end up pushing a rug shampooer…sniff sniff.

It could come across as so glurgy, and yet it doesn’t.

And I’m glad Kevin is being taken down a peg or two. It’s becoming clear that he was a huge jerk before his accident (tormenting his brother, cheating on his girlfriend) and that he was getting a pass for his paralysis. And where is Cute Reporter Girl (Rebecca?) We haven’t seen her in a while.

“The Kids almost Do It because one of them mistakenly thinks the other wants to” is a not uncommon plot on TV shows with kids. A partial list would include One Day at a Time, Doogie Houser, Kate & Allie, Boy Meets World, and probably quite a few others.

The only time I can recall that they actually went through with it was on Roseanne, with Darlene & David.

So, while the A plot of this one was fairly familiar, it was well done, due largely to the quality of the writing and the acting. What an ensemble! And the B plot was superb! (The C or “Cop” plot, while slightly better than average, could, as ususal, be removed without disturbing the story to any major degree.)

Not reading any replies yet so I’m not spoiled, just checking in to subscribe. I haven’t watched it yet, but I will this afternoon. (I’m just here in between Little League and running my daughter to the tutor’s.)
It looked like a good one.

A few days late on this reply, but I just wanted to chime in and say that I too really liked this episode! I was in tears laughing at the “is this a conversation or an Abbott and Costello routine?” scene. I can understand the confusion between Joan and Adam, although I do think her dad needs to have “the talk” because he seems to have forgotten the basics!

I do have to put in a bit of a complaint though - the French God couldn’t speak a phrase in french to save his life. How insulting. I find it hard to believe that they couldn’t find a francophone actor to play the part. " oh, he can pretend to be french, good enough" Bah. They did the same thing with the series premier and the french teacher. For a show that remembers to add details like globes and galaxies in God’s school locker, you’d think they could remember the slight fact that french actually is a language and therefore has speakers who can actually speak it!!!

Sorry, I don’t know why that’s getting to me so much, but it is. Still, despite that, it was a good episode!