Joan of Arcadia 5/6, Or, Joan Breaks Out the Face Paint

God tells Joan to take a beauty class, and Kevin meets a girl he dated before the accident.

I thought Joan, being a teenager, would already be interested in applying makeup?

Nah, I didn’t wear much makeup in high school either.

I’ve missed the last couple of weeks (because I suck) so I’m looking forward to actually remembering tonight.

I hope I do.

Is it just me, or were most of the characters flipping out all over the place in this episode?
Mom lashed out at Dad and then Joan and burned her painting.
Kevin lashed out at Old Girlfriend over a misunderstanding.
Luke didn’t lash out at Glynis, but he pushed her away.
Joan lashed out at Adam for what felt to me like a contrived reason.

Anyway…I thought Joan looked decent with the makeup on, but I wasn’t so sure about the green eyeshadow.

This clears the way for Luke and Grace to take up with each other again! Glynis and Luke were strictly Dullsville.

Of all the Gods Joan has ever met, my favorite is Goth God, and it was great to see him tonight.

It was nice to see Goth God again, but viva, I agree with you. Everyone was getting mad at everyone else for off the wall reasons, although I could understand Helen being mad at Will for dismissing her painting with a “It’s nice.” I don’t know why Joan was so mad at Adam for not noticing her makeup. Well, yes, I do, but that scene on the roof came out of left field, when she told him they were just pretending.

And then he came over with all those stupid movies, I fell in love with him all over again. He’s like a little lost puppy, shy, anxious to please, so incredibly sweet you just want to cover his face with kisses.

Glynis has HUGE eyes. And that mole in her eyebrow was very distracting.

I kept waiting for Joan to help Shelley Long, the Makeup Lady, with something, like realizing she was just using the makeup to cover up some long-repressed pain.

Did anyone notice the writer of the show’s last name is Girardi??

I did not. :smack:

I give up.

Okay so it’s 5 minutes in (I taped it) and there are already two characters i want to be recurring. Kevin’s ex is Robin from GH (I have a tremendous crush on her let me tell you) and Jel Murray (Pete from Dharma and Greg) is a favorite of mine.

And Amber Tamblyn, how I love thee…I mean when you say stuff like “So it’s important to look your best when you’re [being?] a human sacrifice?” How can you not love her?

Yes, a fairly meaningless post but it’s all stuff i wanted to get off my chest.

My daughter menioned the mole in Glynis’s eyebrow. I hadn’t noticed is before.

And I also noticed the writer’s name.

I felt bad for Kevin’s old girlfriend, but wouldn’t someone have mentioned her before now? Wouldn’t he have asked about her, and why she didn’t visit him in the hospital? I thought that plotline seemed a little contrived. (But it didn’t stop me from tearing up when she explained about him dumping her right before the accident and he didn’t even remember… :o )

I got distracted - why did Helen burn her painting?

She just didn’t feel like dealing with it anymore.

A dialog flub that the director apparently missed.

At the beginning of Joans rant to Adam, on the roof. Adams line. and I quote, "Appearances are superficial, Jane.

If you taped it, check it out. You can’t miss it.

That’s not a flub. Adam calls her Jane all the time.

BilblioCat is correct. Adam calls her Jane regularly…except for that rough patch where he was angry with her after she destroyed his artwork. At that time he called her Joan. That he is calling her Jane again is a good sign.

Sorry…speaking of names…That’s BiblioCat. Perhaps I had Bilbo on my mind??

This was my first Joan episode, and I only watched because of the threads here; I figured it must be pretty decent.

At first I thought the theme for this ep was going to be abortion (the scene in the pharmacy) and I’m thinking “Wow, wonder what God will have to say about this!” But no, it was about prostitutes, wait, nope, underage illegal alien prostitutes. I’m waiting to hear God’s words on that subject, but maybe God only messes in Joan’s life, because I didn’t catch anything about that either.

Have they done controversial subjects, or do the writers keep it light?

I didn’t much care for mom, whining about the neglectful husband, that he didn’t know when she needed some extra support and attention. :rolleyes: Is she always that high maintenance, or do I expect too little?

I’ll watch again though; I like Joan, she’s refreshing.

Ugh. I thought she looked like a whore. A nasty skanky whore.

Was it a coincidence that Dad gets to bust up a whorehouse? Of course not. It’s a warning for Joan. Put on makeup like that again, and you’ll end up an underage Russian whore.

So many questions!!

Joan is the only one who can see and talk to God.

They did have an episode where a cheerleader gave birth and dumped her baby, but the episode was more about how friends are supposed to act than abandonment.

You caught them on a bad episode. Normally, Helen keeps things from Will because of his high pressure job. She also recently picked up painting again, and had a gallery showing, so she’s still a little insecure in that area.

Believe me, you won’t be sorry.

No, God talks to everybody, not everyone listens though. :slight_smile: Remember Luke’s “psyche balloon?” Who gave it to him?

Ivylass, thank you. I’ll keep watching. Now I wish I would have started watching from the first. Maybe I’ll go find an episode guide and catch up. :slight_smile:

They should repeat them all over the summer. I know CBS is bringing back Big Brother (yawn) and The Amazing Race (yay!) for the summer, but hopefully they’ll rerun Joan so newcomers can catch up for new shows in the fall.