Joan of Arcadia, 7/23/04 - rerun of Pilot show

Just a heads up that tonight’s offering of “Joan of Arcadia” is (supposed to be) the pilot show, re-run. I unfortunately missed most of the pilot show the first time it aired, and completely missed it the second time (on Thanksgiving weekend; I was at my Dad’s and he and I were chatting), so I am really quite anxious to see it all. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll have power tonight–we lost power last night for 4 hours, and we’ve already been out for 30 minutes today! My neighborhood tends to lose power nearly every time there is a bad storm. :frowning: A combination of older generator boxes and a lot of trees, I guess.

At any rate, tune in to see Joan meet God for the first time. :slight_smile:

I’m planning on watching it. I saw it the first time, but I guess I wasn’t watching too closely. It wasn’t till the 3rd or 4th show that I realized they lived in Maryland (from the MD state flag in the police station) and someone at the TWoP message board said they mentioned the family’s recent move to Maryland in the pilot. I’m convinced Arcadia is just standing in for one of the Baltimore suburbs, either where I live now or where I grew up.

I also hope we don’t lose power; we’re supposed to get some big thunderstorms this evening. :eek:

It’s also a Monk night! New episode of Monk at 10:00!