Joan of Arcadia cancelled

According to USA Today.

Ah well, knew it wouldn’t make it after the ratings tanked in season two.

great ending to great day :frowning:

…and they keep shows like 7th Heaven? That is just plain wrong.

I don’t know… it was getting a little repetitive. “Hi, God, what strange task am I doing for you this week?”

I’d watch season 3 if it came out, but I kind of understand.

Well, this just bites.

Well, this just bites.

The thing of it is, we were just hit with a pretty neat twist at the end of the season and I was all pumped for it.

Well, I am bummed.

AND they are cutting off Judging Amy too! Sniff.

Aw, dang! I thought it had enough support from people in high places to get a reprieve. The second season wasn’t as amazing as the first, true, but the show deserved to live!

Yayyyy! Not that I’ve seen the show to tell whether it was any good or not, but they had to have a title like that just as I had almost completed an epic poem that was also partially about high school, with a title that was also a pun on Joan of Arc :mad:

Well I am seriously bummed. I just wrote a letter of disappointment to CBS.

Terrible news. I’m afraid they played out the weekly tasks too much. I had always complained that Joan wasn’t growing, and just as she is about to take the leap… it’s cancelled. There are precious few shows with this level of writing and acting. Damn. Just plain damn.


Well, that’s the WB, where quality is job 27.

Oh, crap. I liked that one.

Someone better break it to ivylass very gently. I expect tears.
Over some chocolate, maybe?

Oh dear.

My husband is going to be so disappointed.

I had been watching the boards, checking official sites, looking for the very first word on CBS’ Fall Schedule. I wish now that I hadn’t been so anxious to find out. :frowning:

I remember when I first heard of the show’s premise, thinking, “That could be a really cool show, or it could be really stupid…” Well, it -was- a really cool show, one that I looked forward to watching on Friday nights at 8, and even taped (thank goodness for that! at least I have many episode already on tape) so that I could re-watch it at least once over the weekend, to catch any nuance I might have missed before.

While the writing this past season was at times uneven and the raitings dropped, I really wish that CBS had given them at least one more season; even American Dreams got three seasons - I loved that show too, but I doubt that it’s ratings were anywhere near JoA. The acting has always been top notch among the regular cast and even the recurring cast.

I will sorely miss this show! Gah, what a year - Enterprise - thus Star Trek in general - is gone, American Dreams is gone, Joan of Arcadia and Judging Amy are now gone. I’m afraid to even type out the name of the only show left that I stil really enjoy!

sighs Yes, I’m bummed over a TV show.

Amber Tamblyn herself was rightly complaining about her character not going anywhere. Also, I feel cheated by the bait & switch they pulled with Adam’s character (not that seemingly nice guys don’t cheat on their girlfriends in exchange for meaningless sex, but don’t blame the audience if they feel let down by it). And as much as I generally favor the acknowledgement of spiritual evil & good ol’ Apocalyptic throw-downs, the emergence of Arcadia’s AntiChrist strikes me as rather contrived.

yeah, I’d like to see some sort of continuation. Maybe in a TV movie or two.

Also, this may strike some of you as an absolutely dreadful idea, but why shouldn’t God include Joan’s friends? Imagine the debates Grace would get in with Him/Her!

I never watched the show, but it always did sound like rather a limited premise to me.

Well, damn. I was really looking forward to season three. They cancel Joan but find room on the schedule for Two and a Half Men and Yes, Dear?

Damn. F*ck. Hell.

The show was flawed but still much, much better than most of what remains in primetime.

It was one of the few series with a semi realistic depiction of high school kids.