Joan Rivers is an idiot. First Amendment does not mean Costco has to sell your book

Le Sigh.

Short story. Joan Rivers went to a Costco, handcuffed herself to a cart and basically acted like an ass (big surprise) because Costco isn’t carrying her book.

According to the reports she said:

“This is the beginning of Nazi Germany! Next thing they’ll be burning the Bible!"


“It’s about First Amendment rights … I feel like this is a country where people should have the right to have the literature they want,” Rivers said.

To begin, I highly doubt that your latest snark filled book rises to the level of literature.

Second, the first amendment DOES NOT MEAN THAT A STORE HAS TO SELL YOUR BOOK!.

Read the damned amendment.

Not once in there is Costco mentioned.

Gah, I hate idiots.

And yes, this is rather trivial.


See, this is why I’ll never sell in her league.* t NEVER would have occurred to me to handcuff myself in Costco because it wouldn’t carry my book.

*Well, that and the fact that she’s a nationally famous celebrity.

Did you know she even had a book out before you heard about this stunt?

Case closed.

It’s all about publicity for her book. She doesn’t believe any of the stuff she said.

Water is wet.

Yup, +1

Too bad she didn’t go to the wall for something worthwhile, like having Costco carry the four-pound tins of Walker’s shortbread cookies in every month in which they’re delicious instead of just the Christmas season (evidently defined by Costco as August through October).

Wait. Joan Rivers is still alive?

I didn’t know that. However, knowing that she has a book out does not inspire in me a desire to buy that book. I have plenty of toilet paper and facial tissues, and I suspect that her book would not suit my needs.

And the thread title is perfectly correct, in both parts.

I’m surprised because she’s known for her calm and well reasoned arguments.

It is confusing, because she’s been wearing that hideous death mask for a while now.

I agree it’s a publicity stunt, and probably was meant to be funny. However, Ms. Rivers needs to read up on Poe’s Law.

Wait, she resorted to drastic measures when something needed a lift?

You’re not the target of the publicity stunt. You just got hit by the scattershot. I disagree with the first part of the thread title. I agree with the second. I’m betting that Joan Rivers does, also, because I highly doubt that any of what she did was meant sincerely.

You have every right not to LIKE her stunt. I’m not so sure that it means she’s an idiot, though. I’m betting it boosts her book sales more than not doing it would have.

And who would the target be? People who already love her will already know she has a book, since she would have announced it elsewhere. The only way this makes sense is if she’s hoping some people will want to know what’s so great about this book that she handcuffed herself over it.

It’s also illegal, so, honestly, I don’t give a shit why she did it–she shouldn’t be able to profit from it. I don’t want famous people doing illegal things to publicize their moneymaking adventures. That’s a horrible road to go down.

The Stupid Republican Idea of the Day thread points out in ample measure how uninformed our elected officials can be about basic concepts re: the american form of government. Given their failure to pass what I consider an obscenely low bar, I am unsurprised an aging comedian can miss it as well.

Can we all agree that you forgo your voting privileges the moment you invoke the first amendment right to free speech for things that clearly do not fall under such protections, i.e. stores not selling a particular book, criticizing someone for something they said publicly, etc.

Should have shoved her in the cart, wheeled it around back of the store and left it there.

Joan Rivers is an idiot.

AFAIK, this is news to no one.

Or refused to let her leave because she didn’t “keep her receipt out for viewing.”