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I’m working as a temp at this one company. At first I really liked it and I found everyone very friendly. At one point the big boss confided in me that someone was pregnant and was leaving in the summer. She told me to keep it confidential. Then she offered me the job. I accepted and nothing was spoken again.
Lately my co-workers have been very secretive. Since I am not supposed to know about the pregnancy I just play dumb.

After last week, I decided that although I don’t mind the temp work, I’m not really interested in a permanent position there.

My question is: “Is it so terrible to start looking for another job?”

I’ve given a the boss a verbal ‘yes’ to the permanent job. but I have not signed anything. I know the boss will be extremely hurt and I don’t want to disappoint her.

Help please!

Oh, well then by all means stay! * Stay at a job you don’t want to have and aren’t forced to have, so you don’t hurt your boss’s feelings? Helloooooo!!! *

There’s no need to be sarcastic!

Using large colored fonts makes the baby jesus overflow his diaper.

Font-issues and sarcasm aside, there’s a good point in there–are you at that job for their benefit or yours?

I’m at the job for my own benefit. The pay is above average and it is close to my home. The stress level goes up and down.

I guess I should have said that I suspect the other staff are being secretive because of the pregnancy. Once this woman is gone from the company (or at least her pregnancy revealed) things should go back to normal, which was cool.

I don’t really like change, I am comfortable right now but I don’t want to be stuck, it things don’t change.

Don’t worry about leaving. It happens all the time. Anyway, you sound like you wouldn’t be happy there if you stayed.

Secretive in what way(s)?

Then why leave? Get the boss to firm up his/her offer and put in on paper.

BTW, has the woman stated that she would leaving to take care of the baby? Or are they planning an illegal firing?

I cannot believe how hostile this board is. I ask a simple question, hoping for some great advice and opions and all I get are attacks are sarcasm. No wonder people are dropping like flies from the board. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

*Originally posted by SuziQ *

My question is: "Is it so terrible to start looking for another job?"

Definitely not. You sound like a compassionate person, and, being that way, it might be natural for you to consider your boss’ feelings. However, she’s your boss first, and her primary concern will always be what’s best for the company (as opposed to what’s best for you), and your primary concern should always be what’s best for you, not your boss or the company.

You also indicated that you don’t really like change and are comfortable in this job right now. Change is always hard. People stay in jobs for years and years that they absolutely hate. Your current job might be right for you, but don’t stay there just because you feel comfortable there and don’t want to change.