Job offer question

I have a job offer from place A but it’s not as good an offer as I want. They said they will not make the offer better.

Tomorrow I am talking to place B about a job and they have said their offer will be better if they make me an offer.

Place A wants me to reply yes/no by Tues. so I need to know from place B before then.

I could tell A yes for now and then change my mind later if B comes through with an offer. I don’t like doing that but based on timing I have little choice. Is that really a bad thing to change my mind after I said yes? These places both know I am talking to multiple places.

At least wait until after you talk to place B. if you have until Tuesday then wait until then.

It is a tough spot. It isn’t ideal to accept a job and then drop it quickly. But I’d say if you do accept job A and then get the better offer to go ahead with B. If you haven’t started working yet and using the resources at job A it won’t set them back enough to be a big deal.

In the end you have to look out for you. Most corporations wouldn’t think twice about dropping you whenever it is convienent for them. You shouldn’t work for less money when someone else is willing to pay you more. It will be company A’s loss for not paying your market value.

It’s not just the money is less, they want to offer me a lower level job.

I guess they could up their offer once they see I have another offer but I don’t think that will happen.

Well if you have the better offer it doesn’t really matter if they don’t.

If they both know you are talking to multiple people, then they know there are deadlines. Please out of professional courtesy do not accept with A and then dump them. There are polite ways to explain the deadlines and work things out.

I think B should let me know about an offer before the deadline for A is up so this may not be an issue.

However next week is a holiday week so that may complicate the issue.

If the deadline for A is before accepting B, i’d absolutely accept A and then dump them, if you are serious right now that if B does not work out you’ll be satisfied with A.

I’ve seen in the workforce so many times that offers and interviews still stream in, and people leave within days of starting a new job. it’s headache for the administrative department, but I look it as they are the people that couldn’t put together a proper package, and that’s what they get.

Stop letting feelings such as ‘aww i feel bad, it’ll be awkward’ involved in corporate contracts, they’ll screw you over in a heartbeat.

Talked to B today , it went well. They are supposed to let me know before I have to decide on A.

Well I did not hear from B before the deadline so I took the job from A. Now it seems B is going to offer me a job, I will see what the offer is.

Don’t feel bad about reneging on A. Just tell them you did what any reasonable person would do given the situation they put you in.

It’s B that dicked her over by not responding in time.

I’m sorry, but this has got to be a joke. Professional courtesy does not demand that you give up another opportunity just because of some corporate deadline. Employers will screw you five ways to Sunday and professional courtesy be damned. Accept A and then dump them if you get B if that’s what the deadlines force you to do. and do it with a clear conscience.

I don’t think it’s a problem for me to dump A now since they gave me a bad offer anyway.

I think one reason B did not rush to meet the deadline was I told them I would prefer to work for them over A. So they likely figured I would dump A once they gave me the offer.

I think you should have made it clear to B that you needed an offer by Tuesday - but too late now. Good luck.