Job offer - your advice?

Hi gang,

So I’ve been offered a new job. The money is terrible, not a step backwards, but only because the money in my current job is also terrible. The organisation is small, not for profit and not government funded, so really, there’s no room for salary negotiation.

But I want this job. It is right where I want my career to go. There’s more responsibility, and a chance to broaden my skill set - I’m sort of boxed in where I am, and want the chance to do some creative thinking.

So, I was considering asking for more leave - say, six weeks a year instead of the four offered. Also, more professional development opportunities - conferences, membership fees, study tours. I’d have to move, so I was also thinking of bringing up relocation expenses.

Do you have any other suggestions? I’m trying to think of things they can offer me without costing them too much.

I think it’s important to bear in mind that although those ‘extras’ you are thinking of do not have a financial cost for you, they will still have a financial impact on the organisation, even though they may come out of a different budget than their salary budget.

As you’ve said, the gains you’ll get by taking this job are having more responsibility, and a chance to broaden your skill set and this will make you more marketable for a higher paying role when you are ready to move on from this one. It’s higher paid than your current role and it’s what you want to do. Sounds pretty good to me!

I’m not saying I wouldn’t advise you to try for some additional benefits, but just to be aware that it is a small non-profit organisation so they are going to have limited resources.

I would also agree that while your requests may not cost anything for you, they will cost the organization something. That being said, I would convey to them (prior to accepting the job) how important it is that you attend conferences to maintain your level of education in the field, and how they benefit from you knowing more about your area. I, too, have a history working in a nonprofit field, and although the money sucks, the job is fantastic. I know that I could go out tomorrow with the experience I have and probably be snatched up by a for profit company. (Okay, maybe not snatched up, but many of the skills I learned in nonprofit would serve me well in for profit.) Added responsibility is another way to learn to stretch your wings and can be invaluable.

If the job sounds appealing, and it’s something that you’d really like to do, then I would say tell them your concerns. Maybe they are in a position to do something about it, but if not, would you still be willing to graciously take the position? (By graciously, I mean, not resent them because you feel like you got shafted.)

Good luck, and let us know what you decided.

I said yes…

So yeah, apparently, I can negotiate! I had no idea. They offered me a leetle more salary, six weeks of leave (as long as I don’t take it in one big chunk, which was never my intention anyway) and to pay my relocation costs. The professional development stuff is also going to be written into my contract. I’m a bit proud.

Gave two weeks’ notice to my current employer, and word is starting to spread throughout the office. Sometimes its fun to be the object of the gossip. As long as its GOOD gossip. I’m going to be the boss!

Araminty, The Manager. (Hee!)

Congratulations! Sounds like life it good.