Job resource thread

Inspired by this thread.

Lots of people are out of work these days, and most of them want to find another job. Print ads, online services, and word of mouth are great, but sometimes not enough.

Anyone looking for a job needs to be resourceful in one manner or another, and it seems to me that the SDMB is one of the best places that anyone can go to for a variety of unique, job related resources on the web.

Know a place that’s hiring, link it. Know of a governmental service that might help, link it. Resume tools, temp services, web-jobs, link it.

Military recruiting, part time work, seasonal stuff, it’s all good.

My brother just got paid $40 per hour for pushing snow in a bobcat, for 5 hours!

There is money to be made everywhere, you just have to know somebody.

I hope that somebody might be a doper, and that the person in need is as well.

I’ve almost started a similar theme, but was unsure whether to add it to one of the other threads. Kudos to dnooman for starting this one.

I realize folks come here sometimes just to vent about the job market, and I certainly understand that. But why not give just a brief statement about what you’re looking for (and where you are)? Something as simple as: “I’m a videographer, and I live in CA*, and jobs are scarce here.” Some of us may be aware of openings that you’d be interested in, and could at the very least, PM you with links to the info. Last time I looked, my uber-mega-company had hundreds (if not thousands) of openings worldwide. If I knew a fellow SDMB’er was looking for something specific, I could at least peruse the intranet job boards, and send 'em a link with a req number. I helped a stranger that way last year (member of same group, but never met); And he’s now employed at one of our plants in the hinterlands. Some posts say “I’m willing to do anything”, but that doesn’t tell me what to filter for in our company job-nets.

Would the mods agree to something like this? Maybe it could be a sticky in MPSIMS? There aren’t enough jobs to go around, but there are some openings, even now. Maybe nothing would come of it, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.
In keeping with the OP, I’m hearing through the grapevine that these folks are getting really worried about upcoming shortages in the coming years. I don’t know exactly what’s required, but here’s the link.
These folks have been running full-page ads and holding job fairs in our area. I don’t know much about them, but they’re apparently hiring.

I’m told that these folks pay for training (you have to pay it back with payroll deductions), and it’s not necessary to live really close to their terminal.
*might also include whether you can relocate.

Good idea- I can tell you that LOTS of animal hospitals in Vegas are looking for veterinary receptionists but not manager :(. Oh well- at least I have a fall back if the benefits run out.

I’m an experienced veterinary office manager. I’m interested in doing what I do (payrolls, accounts payable/receivable, a little bit of marketing, customer service, correspondence, etc) in another field, especially one that involves better vacation/personal time and maybe working for a larger company- after working in small business for twenty years, it sounds nice to work for a faceless entity. Or I may just stick with the furballs- I kinda miss them.

I wouldn’t mind advice on what I might be able to do in the human medical field. So far I’ve run into a wall of not knowing enough about insurance billing to qualify even for the entry level jobs.

I am in Las Vegas, would love to relocate if I had the funds! But I think I will have to take care of some debt here and wait three or four years before we are leaving. Another thing I’m looking for is a company where I might be able to transfer at a later date.

Sure, I’ll bite. I have a masters in Criminal Justice. I have educational experience in research methods, specifically in efficiency and effectiveness standards. I have practical experience in private security, management, payroll, scheduling, and the general day-to-day operations of running a security department along with training new employees and keeping everyone doing their job. I also have experience with computer repair, basic databases, networking, and PLC programming. I’d love something that pays more than $11/hr near Lansing, MI. Anything, really.

If anyone is looking for an entry level job in the Lansing MI area of private security, I can hook you up. Otherwise, I’m not a whole lot of help.

Investigator, Federal Defenders of Detroit

(I know its not “near” Lansing)

Actually Ive found the Federal Defenders website ( post a variety of positions not posted elsewhere (for example you will not see them on, and very rarely on A lot of the positions are attorneys but by no means all – I’ve seen secretarial, investigators, sysadmins, translators, and others. The listings change frequently.

Keep your eye on the listings at (

They a successful and growing firm in the Boston area selling equine, canine, and feline nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. (their “hook” is a proprietary and customizable delivery system).

BTW for other job seekers in the Boston area they are looking for Junior SysAdmin, .NET developer, Graphic Designer, entry-level Customer Service rep, forklift operators, and other positions.

I am on the board of a non-profit, pro-life pregnancy assistance center in the Northern Virginia area. Basically, this organization seeks to fulfill its pro-life mission by offering material and resource assistance to women coping with unplanned pregnancy, as well as steering anyone considering abortion towards placing their child for adoption as an alternative.

We are seeking to feel the position of Executive Director. This is a full-time paid position involving community relations, outreach, findraising, office management, volunteer recruitment and management, and other duties typically performed by executive directors.

If you’re interested (low odds on the SDMB, but thought I’d ask) please drop me a PM.

Thanks for the input, but findraising is at an all time low.
The SDMB has globally transcendent skills, yet, they fail. We all fail at some point.