Job search sites and unsolicited emails I've been getting

I recently applied for a job on CareerBuilder. Since then I’ve gotten 2 different emails claiming that they’re from a recruiting agency that was assisting in filling the position. The first email read more like a phishing attempt to get me to post my resume on their jobs site. This second one is more personally written and seems to be slightly less of a phishing attempt. This second email is still inviting me to post my resume on their site, but several things this woman mentioned, including attaching a copy of my resume and including language that shows she’s a real person who read and comprehended my resume lead me to believe that maybe, just maybe this is legit. But I don’t trust stuff like this, so I’m super dubious.

Is this the new “gimmick” in the job search market: no-name job sites luring people to post resumes on their job search site?

Maybe but I don’t think that is necessarily a problem. CareerBuilder and the like are just facilitating websites themselves. Any particular job you get notified about will probably require you to resubmit your resume and any supporting documentation in some other format. In other words, you may be contacted by headhunting companies who have some access to real jobs but also their own set of standards. They may ask you to come in for an interview with them before they send you to an actual hiring company as well as rewrite your resume based on their suggestions. Sites like CareerBuilder are just step one in the hiring process. You typically have to navigate further down than that before you get to a real hiring company. I don’t see anything unusual about it and you don’t have much to lose by posting it again per her suggestions.

BTW, I never had any luck with CareerBuilder at all. Every other site from Monster, Linkedin to, Dice (for IT professionals) has given me plenty of real bites and a few real jobs (especially Dice) but never CareerBuilder.

I think the only thing I worry about is having to keep track of my resume in a bunch of different places.

I haven’t had a ton of luck with CB either, but I do notice that some jobs posted there aren’t on Monster, and vice versa, so I feel like I need to peruse both.