Job seekers: How's it going?

  1. Are you working now but seeking other work?
  2. Are you PT or FT?
  3. Are you freelancing?
  4. Are you working from home?
  5. Why do you want another/a different job?
  6. How is your job search going? Any interviews? In phone or in person?
  7. How long have you been at it?
  8. Are you in job training or taking a class?
  9. Miscellaneous comments or complaints


  1. I am and have been PT college teaching for many years and am trying to get into health occupations instead.
  2. I am PT.
  3. I freelance now and then as an editor and proofreader.
  4. I often work from home when freelancing.
  5. There is no future for me in higher ed, no FT jobs to apply for, and no interviews since 2001 when there were such jobs available.
  6. I’ve had five interviews–two in person and three over the phone–in the past few weeks.
  7. Only since July 11 of this year.
  8. I am doing my last semester of medical transcription; already passed the registered MT exam; took terminology; now going to take coding too.
  9. Why are so many good jobs so freaking far from home? And why do some employers behave as if they haven’t even glanced at a resume before calling the person into their office for an interview?
  1. PT college teaching. Had gotten my old teaching assistant job back for a while, but the regular person is coming back and the supervisor has to hire him back although he’d prefer me.
  2. PT
  3. No, but thinking about starting some sort of business on my own, guess it could be freelancing if I tutor or something.
  4. No
  5. Not applicable
  6. Things have just changed, so I haven’t started looking yet. At this point I seriously believe I do not fit in the corporate/regular working world and am looking for an alternative.
  7. At the job hunt? I searched like hell between graduation in Dec 2007 with a Master’s and beginning of this year - never got anywhere.
  8. I won’t spend one more dime on education or take one more class unless I can train myself for free.
  9. I’ll probably never work in my Master’s field, but am wondering if that is sort of a blessing in disguise. I’ve been successful in other areas of life, but never the work part. I will not complain, I am lucky to have a great significant other who has a great job (knock on wood). I just hope to contribute to the family finances somehow. Good luck to everyone.
  1. Every place I apply to requires a username and a password. Sheesh.

Hospitals are notorious for this. It’s a pain.

Has anyone tried looking on Craigslist for jobs? I’ve actually found several that way.

  1. I’d even like that. Office closed 4 months ago, and nothing since. :frowning:
  2. Looking for FT but I’ll take what I can get at this point.
  3. If they paid me I will.
  4. I’d love to do that!
  5. Because I’ve grown somewhat attached to this house and eating regularly, a job is an efficient means to that end.
  6. Had a few interviews and “pre interviews”, but nothing yet.
  7. See above, four months. (Last day of work was April 23). Was on the phone today with a representative from my bank, and she mentioned her husband has been looking for work for 7 months now, doesn’t make me feel better. :frowning:
  8. Nah, doing that would cost money I don’t have.
  9. I didn’t think it’d take this frickin’ long! I remember last time I was job searching I was working temp jobs at the time, I remember I was at one job at the time of our social (a pre-wedding party, a Manitoba tradition, explained elsewhere on the board, somewhere) in April, 2000, a different temp job when we got married (July 2000) and got the job that closed in April of this year back in Sept. 2000. So, I’m guessing it was about a month or two between jobs back then …
  1. Not working now, but still looking for work.
  2. See 1.
  3. Yes. Unfortunately most of my freelance work has dried up as businesses have shut down.
  4. Sometimes. Again, see 4.
  5. Need money.
  6. Horrible. One. Live.
  7. Four years now. Was doing ok freelance wise, until the economy broke.
  8. No, see 5.
  9. Need better public transportation. Right now I’m limited to what’s in a 5 mile range.


Is it ever appropriate to apply for a job but tell them in advance, like in the cover letter or on the resume, when you’re available for work?

  1. Yes, I am working, and don’t want to be at this job forever, but am not looking at the moment. (more below)
  2. Full-time
  3. No.
  4. No.
  5. Because I don’t want to be a waitress all my life.
  6. Well, I just got my current job (waitressing), so I am working, but it was after a long period of applying and not getting interviews.
  7. I’ve been looking for a better job off and on since January.
  8. Not at the moment. But with the increased flexibility of working at a restaurant, I may take some classes.
  9. I work at the same restaurant as my husband, who is climbing the ladder in the kitchen, so I don’t want to piss anyone off in management. Since they gave me a job, I’m going to stick it out for a while. Waitressing there is a pretty nice gig; it’s one of the nicer restaurants in my city, and fairly popular, so a waitress can make some okay money working there. I don’t want to be doing this forever, but it’ll work for now.

Here’s another concern I have:

After many years of no interviews for FT positions in my current occupation, I’ve had five interviews in the past few weeks. I always wonder if I’m going to say the wrong thing or give someone a wrong idea, or if I’m going to forget to say something. I often feel like I’m playing a game but don’t know all the rules.

Any ideas?

Nope, I am unemployed at the moment.

N/A, no, no, N/A

An interview at Blockbuster, and a screening at a temp agency for a job very similar to my most recent job.

Since June of last year. (I recently had a job that lasted 2 1/2 days. That was my first job since 2007.)


Just the usual complaints about how job searching sucks, the job market sucks, and wondering how long the high rate of unemployment will last.

  1. No
  2. No
  3. Are you freelancing? I’m doing a few hours a week for an accountant - but he’s not paid me yet …
  4. Are you working from home? Yes, until they chop my internet connection
  5. I just don’t have a job
  6. How is your job search going? Any interviews? In phone or in person? No
  7. How long have you been at it? Since April - fuck that’s six months.
  8. Are you in job training or taking a class? No
  9. Miscellaneous comments or complaints - It’s never good here in the summer months, everything gets downsized anyway, so I’m doing a good job of being philosophical but apart from needing money, I really need to be out and about interacting with people, I’ve got this PTSD thing getting on top of me and of course can’t afford to get help so spending so much time alone is not helping. We don’t have income support or food stamps and the like.

Thanks for asking.

It’s completely shit. Not even part-time work.

I have an interview on Tuesday, though…

1 - Now back at work full time.

I was unemployed since Feb 2009, with some consulting, and I worked as a census enumerator.

However, a month ago I caught a last-minute job posting for a permanent full-time college instructor position in my field, applied for it and got an interview the next day and a job offer a day after that.

It’s great to be back at work, in a totally different environment (academia instead of corporate). The major downfall (and there’s always one) is it’s 2 hours away, so I’m rooming Monday-Thursday (no classes on Friday). We’ll see how this goes…

The good news is that I’ve now taken a bunch of civil service tests and scored very high, so I’m getting solicited to apply for positions almost every day. The bad news is that most are half way across the state, or half–time, or both.

  1. Are you working now but seeking other work? Not working at all, and looking.
  2. Are you PT or FT? Looking for full-time
  3. Are you freelancing? No
  4. Are you working from home? No
  5. Why do you want another/a different job? Laid off in December.
  6. How is your job search going? Any interviews? In phone or in person? Better now than it’s been.
  7. How long have you been at it? Laid off December 31, but a severance deal paid me through May, so that was more like a long vacation.
  8. Are you in job training or taking a class? no
  9. Miscellaneous comments or complaints Eh.

I wouldn’t do it. The person reading your application is going to assume that you are looking for job to start in the somewhat immediate future. If that isn’t the actual case (like you can’t start for 1+ month) then I guess include it, but probably your application is just going to get shelved in this economy.

Not so good.