Job transferring cars. Exists?

One of my kids wants to go to Florida over the Xmas holiday, but doesn’t want to spring the bucks for air fare (he isn’t getting it from us!). I told him to just jump on a south bound freight train like a damn bum, but he wasn’t receptive to that!:stuck_out_tongue:

So he talked about getting a temporary job transferring cars for a rental company or for someone that was moving, thinking he could find a situation where there was a car here that needed to be moved down to Florida, thus saving him half the travel costs. That actually sounds like a good idea…if it exists.
I’ve certainly heard of such a thing in the movies. In fact, I had a buddy that did it in college. But he only transferred rental cars for Budget between San Diego & L.A., not across state lines. And that was waaaaaaaaay the hell back in 1980.

So? Does such a job exist? Should he start contacting rental companies, or is there a web site he could look on? Or is the whole thing (as I suspect) just a beautiful dream?

Around 7 years ago I met a man who had a full-time job driving larger vehicles one way and returning, compensated, via trains and/or buses. I assume he was also compensated for travel to the points of origination. He had just driven a fire truck from southern Indiana to suburban Philadelphia. So something akin to this certainly exists, but I assume one needs a CDL (commercial drivers’ license.) I’m also unaware if this could be a one-time gig; I assume that’d involve a lenghty background check.

Well, it would be a one time gig if he did it, then quit! It’s not like he needs a job. He actually makes a decent living.

Let’s get something straight: my son is a skinflint! He ceratinly can afford to buy tickets to fly down there. Where he learned to be so tight is beyond my wife & I! :smack:

Try a local college; they may have a bulletin board in the student center with such stuff as ridesharing.

I transferred a personal car from LA to Seattle a few years ago. I had 6 days to turn it over to the owner, I made $200, all the gas and lodging were paid.
I found the ad for it in an L.A. alternative newspaper.