Jobs for History and Education Majors

I have an MA in History and a BA in Secondary Ed. I enjoy teaching, but I don’t think I can afford it. I may have been too idealistic when choosing a career path. My priorities may need to be reorganized. I have a one year old and would like to buy a home some day. What are the highest paying positions I would be qualified for. It seems most jobs that would be in my field require some sort of specialized experience I don’t possess. I also have 5+ years retail sales experience, 2 years admin. support experience. Sorry in advance if this should have been posted in a different forum.
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If your criteria is “the highest paying positions I would be qualified for” then I would suggest looking at Training Programs in the Financial Services Industry (commodities, Stock, Most major brokers are where I’d look). See if you can get a foot in the door … I’d go with I have a Masters degree and had a child and realized what I really want is to succeed financially rather than “I am just trying to make the most money I can”

Further resources are Careerbuilder dot com and Monster dot com - you could poke around there - [free advice]sometimes a small step back is necessary to open up the future[/free advice]

Question: Do you have significant student loan debt?

If so, I’d look around and see if I couldn’t find a government program which would forgive some of the student loan debt in return for teaching X number of years in a particular high need environment. This might not directly give you higher earnings, but if you are feeling burdened by student loan debt it might be a way to reduce your burden and continue to teach.