I'm going to be a full-time student

I’ve decided that when I get laid off at the end of the month I’m going to go to college full-time, get a masters in history, and teach in a college. I’m not going to have to work until sometime in the second half of this decade. Yippee!

Cool! My wife took a layoff last year and has been going full time, but she’ll end up having to go back to work around the end of summer.

I hope everything works out alright for you.

Master in History huh…what emphasis are you planning to do? Heck I’m still trying to get my BA and History (asian/pacific) but I have no idea what to do afterwards…I don’t know exactly how the masters program works so yea…good luck!

History major rules!!!


Good on you !

I threw my job in last year and went back to finish a degree, too.

Whether or not to get a part-time job while studying full-time is the subject of much discussion in the Goo-house at the moment.

nice! congratulations ** Badtz**

.Congrats I have done a similar thing and will be starting a degree course in Sept.:slight_smile:

When I was severely injured by a client a few years ago, that is what I did. Took some time for me, went back to school and obtained my degree. I would love to get my Masters in Cultural Anthropology and Language… perhaps one day soon (just forced out of my job :().

Have a great time. Wishing you much luck!

What line of work are you in?:eek:

I was working with severely disabled adults in a program that integrated them back in to society through work and social opportunities. This fella (blind, deaf, mute, and a host of mental problems one could write a case book of all case books about) had just come out of the State mental hospital (my bosses way of making major bucks) and it was my job to teach him sign language and how to control his … erm… urges which included pica behaviour (eating non-foodstuff, especially his own faeces), popping all his joints out of place - his favourite thing to do was get his face close to you and dislocate his jaw then snap it shut :eek: Imagine human aligator… If he was too close he bit you… Which my boss said was your own fault for not moving.

Anyhoo… This was not a nice situation. One day he got frustrated whilst trying to learn sign language at dinner, stood up and began flinging his arms about and hitting himself. I reached out to him to calm him down, he grabbed my hand and basically ‘whipped’ it, promptly breaking an already problematic wrist. I got him calmed down and on the couch listening to music. Called for assistance in case he got aggressive again.

Boss said it was all my fault… yada yada yada…

Go to hospital against his wishes.

Come back the next day in a cast. Spend 8 weeks in a cast. Next set of x-rays show it isn’t healing… Few more weeks in a cast… More x-rays… Still not mended… Do special x-ray to show distance between bones and find that there is a huge gap now between several of my wrist bones :frowning:

How is this fixed? By doing a total fusion of my right wrist! Major operation involving marrow being removed from my hip and packed into my wrist, a metal plate and 7 screws later… in a cast for several months to all allow the marrow to solidify… A year later another operation to remove the metal plate and screws. In a cast for a few weeks to make sure all is settled. In a splint for a month or so… Then began the fun bit… Therapy to regain use of my fingers…

Whew… and that is the story of the highway scar that runs down the top of my hand/wrist/arm.
Apologies for the hijack of the thread by the way.


God/Buddha/Allah/Vishnu et al (pick the deity of choice) bless you for doing such work in the first place, especially which that kind of boss. It takes a special person to endure such things. And I thought my job was bad. Perhaps you can go back to school again.

PS - My first thought was that you were going to say you were a lawyer or something.

Thank you. I greatly enjoy this type of work… Always have and probably always will… It is just so rewarding. I’ve managed to since then work at a university in the States with special needs adults (not to this extreme). Moved to the UK 2 years ago and hope to continue with this.

I will get to go back to uni (YEA!!) to get my NQT. It will be easier that I’ve just lost my job here.

I wish everyone luck when they go back to school when they’ve been away for a while as you now have different needs to those of a freshman.

For Badtz Maru, have you thought about adding anything else with your Masters? Perhaps Political Science or a bit of law? It was recommended to me when I enquired about a Masters to have a sub-major as well. It makes you more interestingly employable (or so I was told).

I plan on teaching, and now am leaning towards majoring in some science instead of history as science teachers are in much higher demand. I’m just a bit intimidated by the math, though. I have a while before I have to decide on a major, though.

Science, maths, English and Modern Foreign Language (German, French or Spanish) are all in high demand here in the UK. If you’re not qualified they will pay you to learn. Quite a good scheme really.

Depending on the level (age group) you wish to teach, which subject you might prefer. Do you have access to local schools? Enough perhaps to ask if you can sit in on a few sessions to see what is being taught nowdays at each age level? I can tell you that it’s much different now than when I was a kid (early 30’s now).

MFL (Spanish) and maths would probably be my choice. Give me trinomials and quadratic formulas anyday!!! mwahahahaha :smiley:

Hey, can you help my wife with her algebra homework? She missed some because of dental work and now has a few hundred problems to do to catch up.

I may not be going to school. I emailed out a few resumes and some company I’ve never heard of wants to give me an interview for a tech support job, from the description it sounds similar to what I’ve been doing. I’ve decided that I won’t take the job unless it’s comparable to the one I am losing as far as pay and benefits go…if they don’t offer me enough money, I’ll ask if they have a higher paying position available and go ahead with the back to school plan if they don’t.

No problems. What she working on?

OOOHHH job opportunity!! I hope it works out well for you.

Received an invite as well for an interview with the city working to co-ordinate an anti-bullying campaign. Should be interesting to see what they have to say. There have been several child suicides here in the UK lately due to the severity of the bullying they are getting now days at school. Quite sad.

Good luck on your tech support interview. Either way, school is always there to go back to. Never to late to teach an old dog new tricks… especially this one :slight_smile:

Graphing polynomial fractions or something like that, maybe she’s moved on to something else since.

Well, I went to the interview and the guy interviewing me seemed like he wanted to hire me. Problem was, I don’t think I want this job. The description on Monster.com led me to believe it was a tech support-like job but it’s just customer service for an electronic billing company. I asked about whether they promote from within that department and he admitted that they don’t really have multiple levels, just reps and one manager over them, so there wasn’t much chance of getting a promotion although I could get OT. They said with my experience they could pay me in the high 20s, which is a definite cut from what I’m making now (even without the options and bonuses I was making almost $32K).

Just seemed like a nowhere job, it would just delay my getting an education and wouldn’t even bring me any new marketable skills. I do have a second interview with someone higher up in the company, I’ll tell him that I would need more money to accept the job and if he makes a better offer, I’ll take it, if not I’ll just go back to school.

This is a huge decrease in income. It sounds as if you’d be taking a job you weren’t really into just to keep the monies coming in.

Being that you do seem to have a choice, job or school, perhaps go to school and find something on the side to fill the void as well?

I did this and ended up working 2 jobs and school (18-21 units per semester) just because I liked the little jobs I was doing on the side.

As to the graphing of polynomial functions, just remind her to keep track of the quadrants and the signs (to prevent graphing upside down or backwards).

If you need anything specific, email me. Be glad to help.

Hope all turns out well.

Good luck :slight_smile: