Joe Biden assault accusation part 2

Accuser Tara Reade says she will go under oath and also allow people to ask her questions while under oath. She will take a polygraph if Biden takes one.

I hope it isn’t true, but even if it is I’m still voting Biden. I don’t see how sitting out this election helps anyone.

But if its true its disappointing that Biden ran so many times.

Up until now, I thought she was just mentally ill and getting some pressure from die hard Bernie people. Now, I’m thinking there may be some money involved for her to pop up for a 3rd time. I can’t keep track of all her scams but many of them involve money.

If it’s true it’s also disappointing that the potentially First Black President was so indifferent to his electoral success, that he failed to do basic vetting of his prospective Vice President.

(Or perhaps “difficult to believe” is more appropriate, here.)

As well as the guy running against Obama, that guy McCain had spent a little time in the Senate himself

I don’t know if this is a whoosh, but Biden was thoroughly vetted by Obama’s election team in 2008.


I mean, we are down to a choice of a guy who maybe assaulted one woman and a guy who maybe assaulted over 20 women to be the next president.

I want to change realities.

I do not think this means as much as you think it means.

Yeah but Obama’s pastor didn’t become an issue until well into his run for president. Neither did Trumps access hollywood tape.

Candidates have things come out well into their run. However one would assume that the obama team would’ve gone over all of bidens records before picking him.

I know Christine O’Donnells niece keeps making up stories about Biden at an event he didn’t even attend. I’m hoping Reade’s story is the same (a motivated hit job). But even if not, Biden is still vastly superior to another 4 years of Trump. Bidens cabinet, legislation and judicial picks will be vastly better. Its just disappointing if true that in 2020 that these are the options.

It was kinda sarcasm, combined with reminding people how unlikely it is that a credible accusation against Biden would have been missed by the Obama team.

Good point. McCain’s people would have been looking for dirt, and looking hard.
I mean, anything is possible. But when it comes to events for which certainty is never going to be achieved, you have to look at the issue of plausibility.

I’m in favor of investigation of the accusation.

I’m not so much in favor of either ignoring Trump’s many accusers in favor of mass coverage of Ms. Reade, or of mainstream-media outlets who are desperate for a horse-race. Some of them, hoping for lots of Drama, may therefore give us a repeat of 2016: treating every accusation against the Dem with great seriousness and constant attention, while ignoring Donny and his Grand-Central-Station’s worth of baggage. I would hope that won’t be the way it goes.

It’s difficult to believe otherwise, or at least that’s the case for fair-minded people.

Yes to all that.

That’s OK. I believe both Biden and his investigators. Your opinion is actually irrelevant to me.

San Luis Obispo Tribune article claims to have found a 1996 court document indicating that Reade told her then-husband about "“sexual harassment in US Senator Joe Biden’s office”.

Half the story though:

Almost looks like an attempt to smear.

The headline makes it sound like a smoking gun, but she didn’t mention assault, and she didn’t mention Biden (as the harasser), so it’s actually exculpatory.

This is going to be the “but her emails” of 2020, isn’t it?

But was he “in the room when it happened”? )(*Hamilton *earworm time.)

The source of the statement is her ex-husband, not Reade herself. So there’s nothing there that rules out Biden as the perp, nor assault as the offense.

Nor, of course, are those more than possibilities.

Anyone can make themselves look more credible by saying they’re willing to take a polygraph. But you put enough conditions on it that you never have to actually sit down at the table.

Yup. And just like her emails, the trump team will commit the exact same crimes except brazenly and shamelessly.