Joe Biden: "The Pandemic is Over"

I think it is crazy to make a statement like this. Covid has gone through a series of waves when new variants have been found and just because Covid is “only” killing people at a rate of 150,000 to 175,000 or so a year in the U.S. now doesn’t mean it will stay that way.

Realistically, there’s probably a variant of the Spanish Flu still bouncing around, killing people every year.

At some point, you have to accept that everyone knows, accepts that this is the level of risk that we live with, and can get vaccinated if they want to.

I believe the term “pandemic” is a reference to how widespread an illness is globally. Since this seems to be receding at this point, it is probably a fair observation. Three months from now, who knows.

Username checks out.

Yep. It’s pretty much W’s “Mission Accomplished” all over again.

Interesting timing. How long until this statement shows up on campaign ads for Democratic candidates.

I’d be surprised. I imagine lots of Dem voters are upset at Biden for saying this.

Not so much over here. I’m hardly going to go out and start voting Republican now.

I think it’s a weird thing for him to say considering that both he and his wife have gotten covid recently.

And? The terms are something like endemic, epidemic and pandemic as I vaguely recall from some science class in my past educational track. I would have to google [and I am on my phone reclining in bed and I can not be arsed to get onto my laptop and make it easy] that describe how fast and how far/many the illness is spreading or has spread.

The influenza of whatever type is an excellent example. Screw specific strains, to be blunt influenza is actually a shit example.

Going from memory, endemic is how prevalent something is in a region [um, malaria is endemic in for sake of argument Nigeria as a random country name] which means that if you go there, it is in general present in the area and to take precautions. Back in the day, I got 2 sets of shots when I was a shot training dummy for mrAru’s EMS class for the Navy - the recruit package and the overseas package [which at the time also included black death =) as a medieval hobbyist that tickled my fancy] because the places ones military service might lead overseas would potentially send one into areas where those odd diseases might be present.

Epidemic is what happens when it is flu season and suddenly tons of people show up with the flu, or something like half the kids in school show up with the measles. A quick upswing in the number of cases and more or less locally.

Pandemic - pan = everywhere. A sudden upswing in cases everywhere turns into a serious upswing in numbers of cases everywhere. What we just had. We are probably seeing covid go from pandemic to endemic, a chronic low level presence all the time of cases of covid being found. Or, the equivalent of influenze not specifically spanish but in general the one or 2 variants my flu vax has every fall. We will probably get a booster every fall of whatever the prevalent 2 variants are every year. [or maybe if someone finds a universal covid vax that]

Just because people are still catching it doesn’t mean it’s still in pandemic stage. Covid is probably never going away, but we’re not always going to be living in a pandemic. I would agree with Biden, as this doesn’t feel like we’re still in “pandemic” mode. I would presume he’s getting this assessment from experts in his circle.

Going by the definition of pandemic, he really cannot be factually wrong. Pandemic are, more or less by definition, outbreaks, the occurrence of a disease spreading at a level that was not previously the case. If COVID is just always around at more or less the same level, it’s endemic.

What is perhaps unwise about this words is that it gives the impression that what he was saying is “this isn’t a problem requiring special attention anymore,” which is definitely not the case.

Sonds like maybe we (all Americans) ought to listen to more than 4 words of whatever the man actually said. Soundbites are the opposite of useful.

Yeah, but the experts are political strategists, not epidemiologists. Let’s get through a year without several waves sweeping through the country with the attendant death and disease and maybe then we should start talking about the pandemic being over.

I would say that it deserves special attention in the sense that there’s still no official, standardized system for dealing with pandemics. We should have laws that define levels of danger that a disease might fall under and what people are expected and required to do when a danger of a particular level breaks out. The lawmakers have spent two years listening to experts discussing risk assessment, transmission vectors, social isolation, etc. They’re as educated on the subject as anyone who isn’t a doctor is ever liable to be so using this moment to try and turn all of that into something official and that can get broad support from legislators on both sides would make sense.

Agreed, but as there is no longer a sense of urgency, of course nothing of the sort will happen. Then the next time there is a pandemic it will once again be a huge surprise.

Read Michael Lewis’s “The Premonition.” People, smart people, some employed by the White House, knew this would happen. They knew the numbers. They knew EXACTLY how it would go. They knew what to do to mitigate the disaster. It didn’t matter.

And it wasn’t much different anywhere else.

There is no such thing as a permanent pandemic. Such a thing is both physically and scientifically impossible.

Covid is now endemic, and has been for a few months now.

Endemic is code for “We’re stuck with this UFN so quit trying to behave your way out of the incremental risk.”

Sad but true.

Yes it’s endemic. I recently got covid. Was sick for two weeks with a bad head cold.

It doesn’t bother me that he said it. It’s a bit of posturing but that’s what politicians do.

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along.

This doesn’t make any sense.

Wait, you’re right - that is better.

Over here in the UK, even after all the problems, most people class Covid in the same category as Influenza. That is to say that all those who need it will get free shots every Autumn and anyone else who wants it can pay (I think around £10 each) for their shots.

The significant point is that if you are vaccinated, you are much less likely to die from the infection.