Joe "Does anyone remember me" Lieberman on AOC

Is it just me, or has Joe Lieberman seemed to be 76 years old since at least the mid-nineties?

I have a few thoughts on Joe Lieberman, but this is not the appropriate forum.

I have a few thoughts on AOC, but this is not the appropriate forum.

I can’t be the only who saw the first 5 words of the thread title and was sure this must be about Joe the Plumber.

I believe my memories of Lieberman date back to the early 2000s. I’m surprised he isn’t a bit older than 76. On second thought, that seems about right.

Thanks for giving us a gripping real-time narrative of your complex internal dialog there.

It’s very important for the Dems to take advice from a failed Vice Presidential Candidate who campaigned for John McCain against Obama.

Then again, either Joe L-i-e-b-e-r-m-a-a-a-a-a-a-n looked horrible for 56, or looks amazing for 76. I can quite decide which…

”Who dis?”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may not know much about Congressional politics or public finance but she can sure deliver a solid burn on social media. The rest can be learned by anyone who is fundamentally educable, but mastering the art of the burn is an inborn talent.



Claire McCaskill tried the same thing. If I was more conspiratorially minded, I’d think they were trying to help her by being the token establishment that is against her.

I mean, the big divide right now is establishment vs. new blood. That’s why I’m hoping for new blood that can still bring in the white working class for 2020.

It seems to me like she’s the left-wing version of Trump.

I disagree. Trump committed treason against America, is a corrupt criminal and doesn’t value or respect democracy. None of that applies to aoc.

Aoc says dumb things here and there, but she is 28. She won’t know everything at her age. Trump is far more stupid and he is in his 70s.

I like aoc speaking out against centrists in the Dem coalition. America has serious problems that can’t be solved by pro corporate centrism.

Not in that way, no. But had AOC entered politics ten years ago, I’m fairly confident she would have been saying that the US should learn a thing or two from Venezuela.

(1) I forgive 17 year old kids for saying things like that, (2) why should any of us have any confidence in your confidence on this question, (3) Venezuela went south for a lot of bad decisions on the part of its government. That doesn’t mean we can’t learn anything from any part of the things they tried to do or the principles they apparently espoused, (4) why should your suspicion about her hypothetical statements about Venezuela 10 years ago have any bearing at all on either your or our views of her today?

You still can. Chiefly, don’t elect idiots to the highest office in the land.

You have rather badly misspelled Sweden.

So you think that AOC is committing effective treason by colluding with Russia, lacks basic empathy, is not at all interested in what is good for the country, is damaging our country’s reputation and power, and could cause a global recession, among other things?

If you do, then you’re being delusional. Otherwise, you’re just saying bullshit.

So now your hatred has devolved into using well-known Republican talking point to fight “socialism.”

So I will use the same counter I use for Republicans: you can’t attack someone for an opinion you pull out of your ass. It’s just circular reasoning: you think she’s bad, so you come up with something bad she’d say, then use that bad thing as proof she’s bad.

AOC is a self-proclaimed socialist. So what? Socialism is part of the Democratic platform. We push social democracy ideas such as a minimum wage, health care for all, safety nets and welfare, etc. If you’re a Democrat and against what AOC is for on principle (and not in specifics), then you’re against the Democratic platform.

Conservatives make “socialism” into a scare word, evoking fears of communism. We liberals and progressives have no reason to play that game.

No, I mean that she is a rank amateur who won on the basis of her large personality who has fringe ideas and uses Twitter as a platform to sling insults, even at her own party.

Ronald Reagan had good things to say about the taliban. What’s your point?

Oliver stone said good things about Chavez. I’m not sure if he has redacted that yet.

Also aoc was a teenager a decade ago.

Has aoc said anything great about Dictators and how we should emulate them? Because Trump has.