Joe Lieberman will you please go away!

I’m sick of seeing you. I’m sick of you pandering to Bush and his Iraq debacle. I’m sick of you losing primaries and running as an “independant.” You’re as much of a Democrat as Zell Miller. The problem is, you still have a Senate seat. If you became any more like a Republican, you’d end up in a gay sex scandal.

By the way, how’s that Joe-mentum working these days?

Thing is, his behaviour is rewarded. He gets to support Republicans and sit with the majority party. Best of both worlds.

He should have been drummed out of the caucus in 2006, Senate control or no Senate control.

You people are funny.

You claim to value independence and free-thinking, but you really only like it when independent and free thinking people vote your way.

You’re as bad as those nuts at the Democratic Underground.

Ralph124c deserves a pat on the back for his solidly prescient thread of Nov 2006:
Lieberman to Switch to republican/ Become Power Broker?

John Mace, on the other hand:

Personally, I’d like to see a McCain/Lieberman ticket.

Yeah. Kinda like the love the Republicans showed independent thinker Jim Jeffords.

Dear Joe:

I don’t agree with you on a number of topics, but there are a variety that I do. I appreciate someone who has opposing viewpoints, but can rationally listen to the other side and make a decision. We need more of you on both sides of the aisle. Keep up the good work.

I am so glad this idiot no longer calls himself a Democrat. Endorsing a GOP candidate for President is the final straw. Lieberman should just make it official and join the Republican party already. What did Al Gore ever see in this guy?

He can think what he likes, vote his conscience, whatever. But he needs to just shut up. Shut Up. He has the whiniest voice of anyone in public speaking I’ve ever heard. I find myself wondering about his adenoids when he’s droning on about “security” or whatever. I’d rather listen to Alvin and the Chipmunks talk foreign policy.

I think him and McCain make perfect bedfellows. They both pretend to be mavericks, but get them in the back room and read them the Riot Act, and they play ball. They like money in unmarked envelopes, too.

Yeah. We supported him for years, even though he was out of lockstep with some of our views. Offered him the world to stay with us in the Senate. We got upset with him when he jumped ship after winning as a Republican with Republican money.

Such does not apply with Lieberman, who won without the official backing of either party. He’s free to do what he wishes.

Lieberman is neither independent nor free thinking, but even if he was, that doesn’t mean a person can’t be wrong. Lieberman’s mindless (i.e. UNthinking) support of the war and of Bush is fucking diseased and despicable regardless of his former party association.

They’ll tell him to go away in Dec. 2008 or Jan. 2009, maybe. But not sooner.


I find it funny, though, that you Democrats will try to cleanse those people out of your party that you see as wrong. And if you don’t get your way, you’ll throw a fit.

Humphrey is a “warmonger”, so you’ll so foul up his convention that you’ll totally prevent his election. You’ll endorse an antiwar candidate four years later so extreme and out of touch with vast parts of even his own party that he’ll carry just one state.

Now many years layer, you’ll jettison a sitting senator (and former vice-presidential candidate) for a candidate whose only appeal is his antiwar rhetoric, only to see the incumbent win far more votes in the general election. It’s deja vu all over again.

People you don’t agree with are idiots?

I’m not a Democrat. I’ve never belonged to any political party. Don’t include me in this “you Democrats” stuff.

Also, it’s an open question who actually got more votes in the last Presidential election.

People who support the war are idiots.

It’s not an open question who got more votes in the 2006 Connecticut Senate race, which is what I was referring to.

Oh lord, must somebody say this in every thread? She said he’s an idiot, obviously she disagrees with him. Not “everybody I disagree with about everything is an idiot.” There’s a word of difference and this question always reeks of phony offense.

Well, then, it would be interesting for her to say why she thinks he is an idiot. Much as I disagree with the man, I don’t fault his intelligence.

In American politics, the left tends to call their opponents stupid and the right tends to call theirs immoral. I think that’s fine in the case of specific proven stupid or immoral people, but as an ad hominem it is a logical fallacy that ought to be called out.

Considering that Nixon’s ‘dirty tricks’ squad was busy sabotaging the campaigns of Edmund Muskie, Scoop Jackson and pretty much everyone but McGovern, you can’t really put all the blame on those petulant Democrats.