Joe McCain called 911 to complain about traffic

Short fuse family, indeed.

When they called the number back, they got his voicemail, which identified him as “Joe McCain”. This is the same brother who referred to part of Virginia as communist a couple weeks ago.

Kind of a bad week for John McCain.

Before i worked out who Joe McCain was, i thought that he must be some unholy merging of John McCain and Joe the Plumber.

Yeah. No shit.

Who’s Joe McCain?

[Emily Latela]Nevermind[EL]


:::snerk:::. On the other hand, it’s a long-standing presidential tradition to have embarassing relatives.

I recognize the interchange in question and traffic does indeed suck there. Never been tempted to dial 911 about it though!

Maybe if his brother gets elected, he can fix that interchange!

Billy Carter … please pick up the white courtesy phone … Billy Carter to the white courtesy phone.

Yea, Roger Clinton has an exciting offer for him.

Family is off-limits, IMO.


That’s nice. Thanks for dropping by.

Nah, embarassing brothers are perfectly on-limits. Tradition. Hey, how far back can we go with this?

Jebediah Washington. ‘Course you won’t hear about him with your fancy book learnin’.

The problem with being a Bible literalist is they can only go back to Noah and family.

LOL. He probably wants to sell him his last case of gold-topped Billy Beers.

Oh wait, Billy’s dead. I still have some silvertops if anyone is buying. They are only about 30 years old.

Not at all. Abel had an embarrassing brother too.

That was from Typo Knig, who then mimicked a loudspeaker saying “Express handbasket leaving at gate 666”.

In the Bush family the embarrassing relative got elected, twice!:eek::eek:

Obama supposedly has a half-brother who lives in a cardboard box in Kenya. That right there would be an improvement over some 911-abusing jackass.

According to this Washington Post article, he’s apologized. Bless his heart.

According to the same article, Brother Joe lives in Alexandria, VA. I did a phone look up on the web, and there is a Joe McCain in old town Alexandria, although I have no way of knowing it’s the same person.

Since this is the Pit, I just want to add gently:

How mother fucking moronic do you have to be to live in Alex-FUCKING-andria V fucking A for more than FIVE goat rimming MINUTES and call the EMERGENCY LINE to complain about traffic on the Wilson Bridge. It’s called the “Wilson Bridge” because calling it “The worst goddamn shit-eating traffic circle-jerk cluster fuck on the east coast” is too long.

And then he called them back!!! Teh stoopid - it burns.

Maybe Joe McCain is trying to be the next Billy Carter or Roger Clinton. <The Simpsons>Your Honor, Let the record reflect that the witness made the “drinky drinky” motion</The Simpsons>

Apparently, on his phone message machine, he mentions something about having to work on a campaign. Otherwise, I don’t think this should reflect on McCain himself.

That said, what exactly did he think 911 was going to do about the traffic?

Totally hilarious.

“You’re calling about traffic?”

Later in the day, Joe called Gen. Petraeus and ordered an airstrike on the 18 wheeler that had boxed him in behind a slow moving Yugo. I know I would if I could.

Amusing, but not fair game.

John is not his brother’s keeper, although one might argue Joe needs one. Further, who among us has not done rude or foolish things? I have never done this particular mistake, but I have made others of a similar scale. All of us have.