Joe: The Forgotten Jackson

Say it ain’t so!

‘Look Sharp!’ must be one of the 5 best pop albums ever.

I still have the early stuff on vinyl (says the old man). I liked the whole trifecta - Look Sharp, I’m the Man, and Beat Crazy - but bailed after his whole “look at Jumpin’ Jive, I’m a serious musician bit.” Though I did like that Mike’s Murder song, even if it sounded like it was from another musician.

Look Sharp! and Jumpin’ Jive are two of my all-time favorite albums of all time! I know every pop, click and squeak on those two records. (I’m old: I have LS! up to Night and Day all on vinyl.)

I’ve seen him several times, including the JJ show, front and center. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Graham Maby is one of my favorite bass players. Also, don’t forget William Shatner’s cool version of Common People (with Joe).