Joeski I just finished the HHG!

I should really take you all to the pit over this one!
It is a really good thing that I was sitting in my chiro’s office when I finished Mostly Harmless, otherwise I would no longer have a book.
My friend who introduced me to the books and let me borrow his, went out and bought me the whole series all in one book so I would have my own! I was so excited!
And then the end! OMG! The end!
I do not know how to do spoiler boxes, but you know what I am talking about!

Anyway, I need more! I need movies and tv shows and radio shows. I hear they all exist with the biggest movie upcomming in May. (can’t wait!)
We are going in a big group all big fans. Most are going into it ready to be disappointed, which by the movie thread here, I see we aren’t the only ones. I think for me it will be big anyway since I am so new to the books.

So if anyone out there can help me with finding other HHG stuff that would be great. Any place online I can listen to the radio shows? Anywhere I can get the tv series, and I heard there was a movie in the 80’s?

*really do not hate the book, but wow what an ending!

What’s this? A post directed towards me? I haven’t raised my eyebrows like this since my friend almost crashed my GMC Jimmy into a tree while we were roughing it up in the sticks :cool: .

Yeah, the ending to the HGTTG series is undoubtedly one of the most unsatisfying ones out there. Adams was going to continue the series, but ended up dying instead. His intentions are slightly comforting I suppose. Keep in mind, this is only the ending to the book’s incarnation of HGTTG; which isn’t neccesarily the definitive version.

The DVD of the miniseries can be bought for $30 at Best Buy, and maybe Circuit City as well. It sounds like you’re crazed enough not to care about quality of the program, much like me. In which case, you should find yourself enjoying it, as well as the bonus CD it comes with. I’m dying to hear the radio show version of it myself since I hear it’s the best one, but I can’t find it in any stores, and I loathe buying stuff online. I’m hoping it will pop up in stores if/when the movie becomes popular. I don’t recall hearing about a movie in the 80s…whoever said that was probably talking about the mini-series.

Here’s a treat I found online sometime back:

HGTTG music

I find Marvin I Love you to be one of those songs that just crawls inside your brain and lays eggs. Funny since I’m really not a fan of love songs, but who can resist one like this?

Oh, and be sure to listen to Journey of the Sorceror. It’s the very pleasant theme song to the radio show, and miniseries, and very Hitchikerish. Nice, adventerous, and relaxing tune.

Planet Magrethea is the site to check for updates on the movie, and some other neat stuff.

Thank you for the links, I am going there right now!
I’m glad you understood my mini not pit worthy rant. :wink:
I just sat there with my mouth hanging open, I couldn’t believe it.

Holy Cow! I think I’ve heard that song! Marvin I love you. Maybe on Dr. Demento?