HHGTTG Teaser Trailer

Just found this online:

h2h2 movie teaser

I’ve got high hopes for this movie and I’m downloading the trailer at the moment so I’ll come back and give my opinion of it when it’s finished.


Huh. I’d put a spoiler warning here but, there is really nothing in the trailer to spoil.
What I really wanted to see was the actors playing their characters so I can see if they are pulling them off. None of that in the trailer unfortunately. Ah well, 2005 isn’t that far off.

I liked the opening bit, with the Earth blowing up. That was good.

Man, talk about spoilers. It’s one thing to give away the ending to a movie. That, I can handle. It sucks, but there will always be other movies. But that trailer gave away The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything at the very end (in the upper-left corner).

They just had to go and ruin my enjoyment of existence, didn’t they?


Puhleeeeeeeeeeeze, let this movie not suck!

Yeah, but only the people who have read the books or seen the BBC series are going to get the joke anyway.

I’m sure the mice are appropriately furious.

There’s a couple of photos here, but they haven’t really updated that gallery at all, to my regret.

I hear ya. HGTTG series is one of my favorite stories in literature. I haven’t been this excited for a sequal for who knows how long. If this movie lives up to my expectations, I’m buying the movie poster, and nailing the sucker to my bedroom wall. I wonder if the movie will have as much narraration as the books and TV miniseries. I hope so. I’ve heard that it’s poor form to use narraration in a screenplay, but that’s where a great deal of HGTTG’s humor comes from.

Man, I wish they showed actual scenes of the movie. I want any trailer to allay any fears I have. Though, of course, I’ll spend my money even if it sucks :D.

Things that might make the HHGTG movie suck:

Including the song “Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf, particulary in a scene involving flying very fast through space while dodging asteroids.

Paul WS Anderson coming within a 500 ft radius of any of the actors, crew, or film canisters involved in the project.

Failure to give ample screen time to the triple breasted whore of Eroticon six (on the DVD special features at least :D)

(I leave it to the rest of you to round out the list)

I have high hopes. The casting is totally top notch. Martin Freeman (Tim from The Office) is everything I ever pictured as Arthur Dent, Sam Brockwell is my first pick for Zaphod, Mos Def will be excellent as Ford (think Left Ear from “The Italian Job”), and I can totally see Bill Nighy (especially in something like his resigned aging rock star role from “Love Actually”) as Slartibartifast. From what I have seen of Zooey Deschanel in “The Good Girl”, I think she will do quite nicely for Trillian as well.

Given that they like people to use more descriptive thread titles, particularly if you want to avoid spoiling things for people, would it have killed you to have titled this thread “Hitchhiker’s Guide Teaser Trailer”? I had absolutely no idea what HHGTTG meant until I opened the thread, and I doubt very much people would have been confused by spelling it out. How many people would have thought “Hitchhiker’s Guide” meant anything else? "Oh, good, they’re making a movie about “Hitchhiker’s Guide to Home Improvement!” "Really? I thought it was going to be “Hitchhiker’s Guide to managing your mortage!”

I’m jonesing for two things: The Sims 2, and this movie, and have really, really high hopes for both of them.

If the h2g2 movie sucks, I’ll never watch another attempt. But the cast is pretty cool (Mos Def as Ford Prefect? Sam Rockwell as Zaphod? Cool!) and from what I read in the updates at h2g2.com, there has been some serious focus on staying true to Adams’ vision, as well as the exacting expectations of his fans.

Besides, it’s not like they’re revealing the question! :smiley:

Well, I am sure the ducks, and the dolphins are also furious!

But they didn’t pay for it, did they?

What worries me most are the words “THE MOST ASTONISHING ADVENTURE IN THE UNIVERSE”. That’s so Hollywood, and so un-Douglas Adams. I know they’ve got to market it to a wide audience, but surely the quirky self-deprecating humour of the original would sell itself?

In a way I’m sad he didn’t live to see it; in another way, if they fuck it up, he’d have probably died of stress anyway during the filming.

Reminds me of the original cover art for the Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Stephen R. Donaldson, which proclaimed itself to be (against Donaldson’s wishes) “The most important fantasy event of the [millenium? Century? Can’t remember exactly]” AFAIK, he sucessfully lobbied to have it removed again - now it says “Comparable to Tolkien at his best” which still bothers me. Whose best, Tolkien’s or Donaldson’s? (Yes, I know, Tolkien’s, but it’s just kinda… smarmy, somehow.)

OK, I’m calmer now: it seems that the director gets it.

Let’s hope the marketing people don’t screw with his ideas.

Sorry, I mean scriptwriter, not director.