Jogger Pushes Pedestrian into Bus Path. Whaaa?

UK Police can only hold someone for 24 hours* before they have to either charge them or release them. I can easily imagine a decision where the suspect is not considered a flight risk, they would release him with an investigation still to be conducted.

  • suspects can be held up to 96 hours for serious crimes (e.g. Murder), and up to 14 days on terrorism related offences.

What do they mean, not a flight risk? The guy’s a jogger, he could be 8-12 miles away by now!

He’s probably going for an interview with the Trump administration even as we speak

Had to have been a Tory.

They’re wreaking mayhem in America too.

On the assumption you are not being entirely sarcastic :smiley: The man arrested (presumably the suspect) is 50 and living in Chelsea, so quite possibly owns his flat/home, therefore is unlikely to do a runner and hop a train/plane over to Europe. Or for all I know the cops may have seized his passport.

The arrested suspect has been named. Apparently he says he can prove that he was not in the country.

This is one of those things that if it hadn’t been caught on tape no one would believe it.

The sidewalk is not crowded, he actually moves to his right in order to be close enough to body-check her, there was plenty of room on his left to completely avoid her. And he was not looking down at all, his arms were swinging the whole time. From the available video it is almost certainly deliberate. He may not have known the bus was there but he knocked her into the street where it was reasonable to assume there would be a danger from traffic.

The question of motive remains open until the real culprit (assuming the arrested-and-released guy isn’t it) is found and chooses to share his feelings.

That video is clear enough for anyone who knows the jogger to call the police and say, “I think its John Doe”. They can then follow up. A search warrant for the clothing etc. Somebody has to know this guy.

That’s what I said in my first post; he moved to his right just as she moved to her left. I’ve done that sort of thing before, but at a walking pace when there’s time to stop.

If they do find the guy, I wonder if he’ll turn out to be from a country that drives on the right.

He’s culpable even if this was a completely inadvertent mistake. Which does not appear to be the case at all.

The unwritten etiquette of running on sidewalks and pathways is that fast yields to slow - runners dodge walkers, bikers and bladers swerve around runners.

I’ve seen the video. He definitely did it on purpose, and I’ll bet it’s going to turn out not to be the first time he’s done something like this - just the first time he got caught. :mad:

I also did not assume that he did it because the victim was female, like some other people have. :rolleyes:

So why did he lawyer up?.

This could have been cleared up in 10 mins and he wouldn’t have been detained. He wouldn’t be a suspect.

"Officer give me a moment to open my phone’s banking App.

Here is the credit charge for my Airline reservation to America Aug xx.

Here is the credit charge for my Airline reservation from America to London Aug 10. "

“Here are my ticket stubs”

He could also provide the number for the hotel he stayed at.

Case closed. Move on to the next suspect.

Instead he hires a high dollar law firm. To do what? Airline reservations speak for themselves. It’s very easy to prove when you flew to America and returned.


I presume the victim could tell the difference between an accidental knock and a push.

That’s not a reasonable suspicion. I would lawyer up too if I got anywhere near an accusation with severe life altering consequences. I would absolutely not put all my faith in the police having my back. Their motivations are not in complete alignment with mine.

It’s hard to tell, since they’re moving out of the frame just then, but it looks to me like he raises his arm just before she starts to fall.

Because he’s not an idiot.

Most joggers, like most bikers, are entitled assholes who think they own the street and that pedestrians are just in their way.

Why are the pedestrians in the street? Shouldn’t they be on the sidewalk?

Dude’s a psychopath. I’ve had a similar thing happen to me by some fuckwit. I was walking on the sidewalk along the beach where i came upon a jogger in an area that was slightly constricted by a sign. There was plenty of room for two people to pass. Here in America, we walk to the right, and everyone knows this. He was moving to his left, and I was moving to the right. He continued to his left and then checked me into the fence like Luc Robitaille. At least he didn’t try to kill me.