Jogger Pushes Pedestrian into Bus Path. Whaaa?

See it here.

WTF? What was this about?

I don’t think he meant to throw her under the bus, since the bus was behind him and he may not have known it was there.

But seriously, what the hell? He actually diverts a little out of his way to push this woman down to the ground. Did he know her, and was angry or something?

Thank god the busdriver had time to swerve, but I don’t think I’ve seen a more blatant display of assholery in my life!

That was some fast steering by the driver of that bus. She or he literally saved that woman’s life - the bus would have mashed her head otherwise.

No idea what this was about, of course. Maybe the jogger knew the woman and wanted to harm her; maybe he was just a sadist getting his kicks. It certainly doesn’t look like an accident.

I’ll admit my first thought is “serial killer”.

A suspect has been arrested.

That’s insane. I do mean that literally, there can be no other explanation. There may be contributing factors, a past between the two or some such, but it is still an insane act.

I’ll wager he works at a bank, a financial services job, or something similar.

Text-book “Dick Move”.

Someone needs to explain to this guy that “thrown under the bus” is just an idiomatic phrase. :mad:

She certainly didn’t know him. he came back the other way 15 minutes later. She tried to speak to him but he ignored her. Most of the odds are on his being a banker although I have seen lawyer suggested.


When I first watched the video I thought it was an accident and that maybe the guy thought she would move and when she didn’t he did not have time to slow down and so knocked her off balance and I thought the push was him trying to catch her, but then I saw that he kept running afterward so I knew it must have been purposeful.

Its pretty clear though from watching the whole clip and in slow-motion that the guy actually did blatantly push her. My guess is the guy is just an entitled prick and got mad because the lady was directly in his path and didn’t appear to be moving out of his way. Oh the audacity! Who is she to stand in the way of his exercise! It seemed more like a spontaneous decision and I doubt he actually intended to have her crushed by moving traffic.

But wow yeah major dick move, and I think it shows perfectly how something that appears to me to be a split-second, spontaneous decision out of anger, could end in absolute ruination or ending of people’s lives.

I wonder if this was one of those things where you move left to go around someone, but they move left at the same moment so you move right, etc., and you wind up running into each other. Just judging by that shadow line on the sidewalk, it looks like the woman is trying to get out of his way at the same time he is.

Or could just be a major asshole.

Yeah but the woman is to his right the whole time. If he wanted to move away from her he would have gone to his left. Instead, he actually veers slightly to his right and into the woman’s path as he approaches her.

If it was one of those “oops! you both move in the same direction” things and they collided he probably would have stopped or at the very least looked over his shoulder.

Also the guy never looks back. Most people who accidentally knocked someone down would stop.

Killing someone in public like this would be a lousy serial killer M.O., the killer might not even get to the “serial” part.

Sure, if you were shooting or stabbing people. But if you “accidentally” push somebody in front of a bus, you can get away with murdering somebody in the middle of a crowd. If the victim gets run over by the bus and nobody notices you (not unlikely with somebody being killed a few feet away) you can slip away without being connected to the death. There’s a good chance the police will think the victim slipped accidentally and won’t even look for anyone else. The worst case scenario is one like this where you’re seen on camera pushing the victim. But you’re still able to plausibly claim it was an accident and not intentional.

Look at the shadow line; she starts clearly in the shaded part of the walkway and seems to be moving to her left as they converge.

He hits her with his shoulder, rather than pushing off with his hands, which maybe makes me think it’s inadvertent. Who knows, he could have been looking down at his fitbit and hit her by accident. And isn’t London going to electric buses these days? It was so quiet he didn’t know it was there.

I guess I’d like to find an explanation other than that someone could be such a callous bastard to a complete stranger. she wasn’t badly hurt, and his identity has been discovered, and the right people are looking into what happened. That’s the best we could hope from the situation, right?

I don’t find the video conclusive of malice but not stopping, helping and apologising profusely is inexcusable.

Even if it was inadvertent, it’s really reckless. He was running on a busy street and has a responsibility to look out at what was coming toward him. He wouldn’t have been looking down at his fitbit for three minutes straight. He had to be aware that she was there.

And he becomes infamous on the Net. Everyone wins!

It seems to me that the jogger deliberately altered his run to intersect and shove the lady.

I can’t explain why. The way he just kept running without even reacting is very strange.

It reminded me of a nasty tempered neighbor from my childhood. He would kick dogs he encountered on the sidewalk. He did it casually, like it was nothing. He wouldn’t give the dog a chance to get out of the way.

I don’t think the jogger meant for the lady to fall into the path of a bus. He should face a misdemeanor charge for hitting her.